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Lessismore Wed 31-Jul-19 22:22:15

The weather is awful, it's not even August and the nights are drawing in. My husband has an irritating cough and the cat has disappeared.

Auntieflo Thu 01-Aug-19 08:43:54

This greeted me when I went to the loo this morning,

oh and I’ve got super glue on my fingers!

ginny Thu 01-Aug-19 08:52:05

Ex Son in law is an absolute *!!**. Sadly he is slowly alienating DGS who now at 16 is able to see the sort of character his Father is. sad

vena11 Thu 01-Aug-19 08:55:16

I have nothing to moan about yet but then day has just started , give it time.

fizzers Thu 01-Aug-19 09:10:59

My eye is itching , so I think am developing conjunctivitis

My hiatus hernia is playing up and I've not eaten anything

Due to the recent rain my garden is full of newly sprouted weeds and it's to wet to do anything about it.

I have to wait in all day today and possibly tomorrow for an Amazon delivery

that's all....

Bathsheba Thu 01-Aug-19 09:12:33

Well I have a huge moan this morning: it's 1st August.. We’re in the 8th month of another year and it’s all going far too fast 😱😩😭

shysal Thu 01-Aug-19 09:13:17

Moles have dug up my new flower bed, uprooting some of the plants.

Cat has been weeing against the head of my bed.

Forgot to post a birthday card on my morning walk so have to go out again with aching knees and ankles.

Yesterday was tempted by a pack of luxury biscuits in Tesco. I have eaten about 10 of them so far! 77 calories each. shock The rest might end up in the bin, but I hate waste.

ginny my ex SIL is also one of those. Still not coming up with child maintenance. It is the only way he now has of being controlling.

Persistentdonor Thu 01-Aug-19 09:15:09

Oh dear! sad Life gets tedious don't it!!

Teetime Thu 01-Aug-19 09:16:07

My back is painful, I bit my tongue at breakfast and it really hurt, I'm fat again and fancying chocolate all the time and I hate golf!

Lessismore Thu 01-Aug-19 09:25:42

Some stunning moans here, the 10 biscuits, the non communicating receptionists, the scraggy petunias, the eggless chickens,the over involved vegetable chopping husband......I am particularly drawn towards the poster who mentioned Christmas.

Today, I am seeing a film I don't want to see, it's a small moan but it's still early.

silverlining48 Thu 01-Aug-19 09:30:48

I am starting to regret the decision to have a party in the garden this weekend...stress level rising. Too much work, too much worry. Why oh why did I ever think it was a good idea.

Lona Thu 01-Aug-19 09:57:31

This thread has made me laugh and spill tea down my tshirt, so I'll have to put the washer on when I don't really want to and now I feel grumpy!

Love this thread grin

GrannyGravy13 Thu 01-Aug-19 09:58:19

I have come down the road for a manicure/pedicure lovely...........unfortunately I am an hour early!!!!

Bellanonna Thu 01-Aug-19 09:59:47

Really making me laugh! I love the hourly pain bulletins
(familiar!) and the repeated step-by-step recipe prep (not familiar, unfortunately).

toscalily Thu 01-Aug-19 10:10:31

Can I moan about having a moaning thread?

KatyK Thu 01-Aug-19 10:11:05

Oo good I can moan without guilt. I have a blocked ear. I can't have it syringed until I have been putting drops in for two weeks. It only started yesterday and I have something important to do next week and I can't hear properly. I need to be able to.

boheminan Thu 01-Aug-19 10:15:26

still no bloody eggs....

Anniebach Thu 01-Aug-19 10:15:31

A moaning thread, bliss. I don’t feel so alone now.

Bellanonna Thu 01-Aug-19 10:17:25

Hopefully the drops will unblock it by next week KatyK. For megabucks you can have a kind of vacuum extraction. I forget the proper name for the process. I had to have it done when my GP nurse was booked up and we were going on holiday.

KatyK Thu 01-Aug-19 10:20:50

Thanks Bella I get this every few years. The drops never unblock it. Only syringing does the trick. I'll have to cope smile

gillybob Thu 01-Aug-19 10:22:45

The weather is sh*t, It has rained every day since I can't remember, cold enough to wear a jumper, I'm stuck in this god awful place for the foreseeable future, my head hurts, I have a niggling toothache, my DH isn't well and can't get his operation brought forward....other than that life is just bloody brilliant !

Bellanonna Thu 01-Aug-19 10:25:01

Me too Katy. Can you make the appt now for the day before you need to hear properly, and even though it won’t be 2 weeks it should be enough? I have often only used drops for a week. It’s such a horrible feeling isn’t it.

midgey Thu 01-Aug-19 10:31:30

I have just got a speeding fine in the post.....I have yet to tell him indoors.

Squiffy Thu 01-Aug-19 10:53:41

The plants that were installed a few weeks ago are now hidden by the wheat field that has sprouted thanks to the wild bird food.

I will have to listen to DH banging on and on and on about his baking skills - making a pie on Sunday (his suggestion, his speciality hmm ), which involves frozen pastry and a tin of meat and a lot of mess! Only a half-moan as he's really quite useful around the house!!

KatyK Thu 01-Aug-19 10:56:09

Yes it is horrible Bella. I need it to be done by Monday. I won't get an appointment now. They have turned me away before when I've gone early. Never mind. gilly flowers

henetha Thu 01-Aug-19 10:58:31

I've gone deaf in one ear too, and am told it's wax. I can't have my ears syringed as it brings on severe vertigo.
Told to put olive oil in every night for quite a while.
If not, they can use a mini vacuum cleaner to draw it out.
Everything's muffled...
Good luck, similar suffers above..