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Namsnanny Thu 01-Aug-19 00:07:12

gransal……..don't, you made me laugh!

Specky Thu 01-Aug-19 00:03:59

Not the C WORD!

gransal Thu 01-Aug-19 00:02:34

dh made a chicken pie. If he tells me again how he chopped th F*****g veg and how to make a roux I will have to kill him. Apart from that life is just bluddy peachy

Namsnanny Wed 31-Jul-19 23:55:17

NOOO!!! you mentioned it To Bellanonna about C*******s

Namsnanny Wed 31-Jul-19 23:50:57

NOOO!!! you mentioned it!

Now I really feel in the mood to write on this thread!

Ive had infected eyes/throat/ears, one after the other now its ears again.

My petunias have gone down hill since the rain, so they will have to go.

The police just rang to say my car was abandoned in town, and I thought it was in the garage having an MOT!

And every day gets a little bit shorter until Dec 21st, sooooo depressing.

WOODMOUSE49 Wed 31-Jul-19 23:49:51

In 5 months I'll be 70. Been digging all day so I feel 80! Looking at photos from 1960's, I now feel like 90.

I sympathise about the chickens boheminan. Been there. They are now under the ground. shock Natural causes

Bellanonna Wed 31-Jul-19 23:24:28

Less than five months to Christmas ☹️

boheminan Wed 31-Jul-19 23:24:21

Three bloody chickens - no eggs - again....

annodomini Wed 31-Jul-19 23:03:57

Flooded garden and two inches of water in my small cellar which, in an earlier existence was the coal cellar in this miner's cottage. Grrrr! angry

Chewbacca Wed 31-Jul-19 22:44:36

It's rained non stop for 36 hours. The already broken and uneven driveway is now a death trap and the garden is a lake. Just another reason to regret buying this wretched house.

merlotgran Wed 31-Jul-19 22:41:17

I'm not tired and there's nothing worth watching on the telly.

Bathsheba Wed 31-Jul-19 22:40:13

The flowers have fallen over in the rain and wind, the overflow fridge has packed up, and my roots need doing. And I too have been mostly wearing a cardigan today 😖

Specky Wed 31-Jul-19 22:38:20

Lessismore and missadventure.. I feel your pain!
My main problem is that it took me, 17 attempts to type missadventure with my new acrylics but ive just copied and pasted it this time... Hah! I love the idea of a moaning thread (oops sorry im being positive!) xx grin

MissAdventure Wed 31-Jul-19 22:35:26

A cardigan?
It's sweltering here!
Far too hot; I have to have a fan on all night, and as well as my lips being stuck to my teeth every morning, I dread to think what my electricity bill is going to be like!

EllanVannin Wed 31-Jul-19 22:31:00

I'm sitting here with a big cardigan on which I've worn for most of the day. I noticed the sudden darkness too but it's been dull all day. Miserable isn't it ?

Urmstongran Wed 31-Jul-19 22:30:27

Loving this already because it’s such an unusual thread!

MissAdventure Wed 31-Jul-19 22:25:50

My ankle aches, the bedroom needs painting, my plants have an earwig infestation and my neighbour regularly gets on my wick.

Lessismore Wed 31-Jul-19 22:22:15

The weather is awful, it's not even August and the nights are drawing in. My husband has an irritating cough and the cat has disappeared.