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Wooden spooning?

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PECS Fri 02-Aug-19 09:28:44

I have been absent from GN forum for a while for a variety of reasons. I have time atm to look at them. Perhaps,because of having had a break, I have noticed a number of posts, that appear to me, to be deliberately designed to stir up negative & hateful attitudes. Have the alt right & extreme left trolls taken residence in my absence? Not many of these posts really have a ring of truth about them but feel carefully designed to stir the sh*t.

Sara65 Fri 02-Aug-19 09:31:04

I think some people just like the sound of their own voices, what should be a discussion, turns into a lecture

dragonfly46 Fri 02-Aug-19 09:32:31

Which posts are you referring to PECS?
If it is the political threads it is simply that people feel very strongly one way or another and the situation is so important at the moment.

Farmor15 Fri 02-Aug-19 11:14:09

When I saw the title of this thread, I thought it was about threatening children with the wooden spoon, if they didn't behave! I certainly did this with mine, when they were all squabbling and would bang it hard on the table, though I didn't actually hit them with it, but it got their attention and released some of my frustration.

Any other bad parents out there who used wooden spoon threat?

Pantglas1 Fri 02-Aug-19 11:45:54

Funny how we all think differently - being Welsh I assumed someone was carving a wooden love spoon! These tokens used to be made by young suitors for the maiden who’d taken their fancy!

lemongrove Fri 02-Aug-19 11:48:04

I thought along the same lines Pantglas1 😃
There was a tradition to give a decorated wooden spoon to the bride at weddings, usually lace covered with little flowers.

RosieLeah Fri 02-Aug-19 11:51:21

I looked at this thread because I was curious, not having heard the term 'wooden spooning' before.

It's sadly true that many people use these forums as a way to cause unpleasantness. Let's just be thankful that it's easy to avoid them, unlike having to deal with them in our 'real' lives.

PECS Fri 02-Aug-19 12:53:25

dragonfly not the obvious political threads. I no longer bother with them as they are so polarised and rarely are arguments substantiated with facts or evidence just hot air and random anecdotes! confused
Some threads appear innocuous / genuine but pull out some very extreme reactions. I wonder if they are fictional situations aimed at providing " evidence " for a political opinion that someone is seeking support for?

dragonfly46 Fri 02-Aug-19 12:56:05

Oh gosh that sounds a bit machiavellian although I do have a 'friend' in real life who would do just that.

Yes you could be right - I just read those threads and move on.

NotSpaghetti Fri 02-Aug-19 12:57:07

I also thought of carved "love spoons" - so interesting.

Auntieflo Fri 02-Aug-19 16:58:03

My mind’s working in a different direction altogether smile

Pantglas1 Fri 02-Aug-19 17:24:21

Auntieflo! U minx!

silverlining48 Fri 02-Aug-19 19:54:20

Farmor my mum used the wooden spoon threat to me and i did the same with my children. My mum did use it, I frequently, but I never did. Well I don’t recall doing so. They may say different!

silverlining48 Fri 02-Aug-19 19:55:37

Infrequently, not I frequently.....

Callistemon Fri 02-Aug-19 20:31:00

I think I know what you mean PECS
Do you mean moms who have problems with MILs?
And MILs who have problems with DILs and grandbabies?
Not the genuine ones, of course, but very often from over the pond?

Callistemon Fri 02-Aug-19 20:32:32

oh dear, they could be genuine of course.
Far be it from me to mention the t* word

M0nica Fri 02-Aug-19 21:02:27

Well,we do get threads, usually family problems that get more convoluted as they go and usually turn up in school holidays. There was one recently.

Riverwalk Fri 02-Aug-19 21:16:33

Have the alt right & extreme left trolls taken residence in my absence?

By this I assume you mean political threads? In which case I disagree - the politics/Brexit threads are the ones that often involve ding-dongs but do seem alarmingly genuine!

The long-winded family dramas on the other hand ..... I usually give them a miss.

Callistemon Fri 02-Aug-19 23:13:13

Very wise, Riverwalk

Callistemon Sat 03-Aug-19 15:04:52

We do seem to have a sudden influx of DILs having problems with their MILs, asking for advice, rejecting it then making rather uncalled for comments to any Gransnetter who may mildly put forward another point of view.

It's beginning to feel like Mumsnet.
Or is it just because it's the school holidays?

Whatever the reason, there is a fair amount of wooden spooning going on.

BlueBelle Sat 03-Aug-19 15:10:13

Haha I was thinking of love spoons but I m not Welsh
Yes we ve had a dirth of mother in laws and daughter in law problems lately haven’t we and yes lots of these seem to be from over the pond Isn’t it funny how they increase the story bit by bit drip feeding more and more interesting facts which changes the story along the way

suziewoozie Sat 03-Aug-19 15:58:17

Wooden spoon in this house is what you get for coming last in a board game

suziewoozie Sat 03-Aug-19 16:02:09

Nothing to do with stirring up trouble then

dragonfly46 Sat 03-Aug-19 16:02:38

I am afraid all the wooden spoons in this house are only used for stirring grin

Callistemon Sat 03-Aug-19 17:37:23

I do love love spoons iyswim