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Should have gone to . . .

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Maybelle Thu 08-Aug-19 17:17:55

Doorbell went DING DONG this afternoon. Opened the door to find two people with cases. I said hello can I help you? And they said hello we are from Spec savers.
I said OKAY . . . . And ???
Here for your appointment they said.
OKAY . . . I said, but I am not expecting you !
Oh they said I think we should have gone next door ?!!?

Maybe they should have gone to Spec savers . . . ?

gillybob Thu 08-Aug-19 17:25:29


janeainsworth Thu 08-Aug-19 17:57:50


Luckygirl Thu 08-Aug-19 18:06:49

grin indeed!

crazyH Thu 08-Aug-19 18:08:15


EllanVannin Thu 08-Aug-19 18:37:37


sodapop Thu 08-Aug-19 19:08:22

Made me laugh Maybelle brightened my day.grin

midgey Thu 08-Aug-19 19:10:23

Brilliant! Make a good ad!

Mapleleaf Thu 08-Aug-19 19:45:08


Pittcity Thu 08-Aug-19 19:49:38


BradfordLass72 Thu 08-Aug-19 23:31:46

You're brave to open your door to two strangers !

grannyqueenie Fri 09-Aug-19 08:23:06


Grannybags Fri 09-Aug-19 09:08:01

Ha ha! grin

Maybelle Fri 09-Aug-19 09:15:07

Not that brave BradfordLass I also have Spec savers home visit service and I recognised one of them as having visited me earlier this year.