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No more dreams of red stilletoes!

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Namsnanny Fri 09-Aug-19 18:00:47

After a broken ankle a few years ago, and an ongoing back problem. I have officially given up fashion shoes.

Just bought my first pair of non wedge, flat, boring black, Velcro triple wide fit shoes!

It's all over bar the shouting now. Life as a viable (who am I kidding!) member of society, is no more.

No outfit will look right from here on in.

And they think (manufacturers) by putting a flower on the top it makes the shoes look attractive!!

I might be going down hill but I'm not senile yet!

How I miss my espadrill's. Or the shiny patent black court shoes, and my cork wedge sandals that always looked good with painted toenails and a tan.

Its hard to feel 'withit' (shows my age doesn't it, that phrase!)
when you actually are without IT (grin)

paddyann Fri 09-Aug-19 18:17:00

I feel your pain.I was diagnosed with a herniated disc two years ago and my fear was having to wear flat shoes.My physio however said they weren't aproblem as most women walk better and have better posture in heels .I did the exercises she advised and lost the weight .My back is almost back to normal..when I dont move heavy furniture on my own ,so the high heels still rule .I've never spent a whole day in flat shoes .If my heels are off in the house its bare feet and quite often bare feet outside too even in wet and cold conditions ,better no shoes than flat shoes

Namsnanny Fri 09-Aug-19 18:26:26

Good for you Paddyann! Every time you put on your heels, take an extra appreciative look in the mirror just for me grin

paddyann Fri 09-Aug-19 18:50:07

Have you looked at Vionic shoes ? They get good reviews from women with leg and feet issues ,realign your legs ...apparently.

M0nica Fri 09-Aug-19 19:27:58

I started wearing stilettoe shoes at 18 and stopped wearing them at 19. In that year I went over on my ankles so frequently, I was almost always hobbling with a twisted ankle. I now know I have poor balance because I have a measure of dyspraxia.

I actually think that high heels look really inelegant when worn, cannot be walked in gracefully, distort the shape of the leg and can leave women with damaged and distorted feet as they get older.

The alternative is not flat shoes, it is shoes with kitten heels, or heels no more than 2 inches high, They look dainty and are comfortable to walk in

sodapop Fri 09-Aug-19 19:29:33

Yes they are good paddyann at least the sandals are. I bought two pairs when I had plantar fasciitis.

MiniMoon Fri 09-Aug-19 20:11:10

I have a love/hate relationship with stiletto shoes. I love the look of them, but hate wearing them. I buy Reiker shoes or Sketchers these days.

GrannyGravy13 Fri 09-Aug-19 20:23:24

I shall give up my heels kicking and screaming, despite three broken bones in same foot/ankle over several years. I just link arms with Mr.Gravy and pray!!

Cherrytree59 Fri 09-Aug-19 20:28:38

Namsnanny I can commiserate after having an operation on my ankle,
I can no longer walk in heeled shoes.
At this time of year I wear
Fit Flops and walking sandles.

I make sure my feet are looking decent with a pedicure and nail polish ever few weeks.

In autumn and winter I can at least wear block heel ankle boots with a moulded insert.
The boots help to support my ankle.
I have several pairs in different colours which brighten up an outfit and go some way help compensate for loss of stylish shoessad

BlueBelle Fri 09-Aug-19 21:31:42

I stopped wearing high heels many many years ago but I feel very trendy with the shoes I wear there are lots of very good fun and smart shoes
I love DMs for the winter I can’t afford them but wear my granddaughters’ cast offs the thing is the trendy young don’t wear stilettos either Have you watched how some women walk in high heels with their knees bent, just look at Victoria Beckham 😂 Boots look good too ( just noticed all those double oo’s )
In the summer I wear strappy sandals or colourful trainers so no I don’t miss high heels My mum wore small heels right into her 80 s I have a 93 year old cousin who wears heels but I don’t think I look any less smart

Namsnanny Fri 09-Aug-19 21:46:23

I think your right Bluebelle, but I'm short, and don't wear jeans so trainers look odd on me!

I'll give those brands a look paddyann and minimoon, Thanks

Pantglas1 Sat 10-Aug-19 07:09:35

I loved my red stilettos 35 years ago, they made me feel very flighty and my husband knew good times to be had whenever I wore them! wink

I still have some heels for different outfits but only wear them car-to-bar these days as I can’t walk far in them and I prefer comfortable kitten or low block heels nowadays.

NanKate Sat 10-Aug-19 07:21:00

Hotter shoes have a good variety of coloured shoes and are very comfy. I have about 7 pairs. 🥿

MawB Sat 10-Aug-19 07:34:03

Don’t despair Namsnanny!
Stilettos are very last year/decade anyway and frankly don’t do many people favours , you don’t want to look like Brigitte Macron , mutton dressed as lamb do you?
There are some great shoes out there - but you may find yourself paying a bit more than you had to before. Look at Gabor and Rieker or Pikolino, Caprice or VanDal online to get an idea. Wedges are not out of the question - just a bit lower, and nor are espadrille style summer shoes . Finally a pair of silver or white trainers will make you look like a funky granny, Nike or Stella MacArtney vegetarian if you can afford them or Caprice or Gabor as well. Again, look on line to get an idea. I don’t know where you live, but a shop(chain?) called Charles Clinkard has a great selection, or Dune to.
And I agree- just sticking a daisy on the top fooled nobody, ever!

MawB Sat 10-Aug-19 07:35:45

Dune too 😳

Marydoll Sat 10-Aug-19 07:36:28

I'm another one who no longer wears heels, due to my RA.
I used to have over one hundred pairs of shoes, usually bought in markets all over Europe, when on holiday.
I had every colour and height under the sun.
Now it's boots in many colours! grin

I remember a colleague telling me that her pupils all used to wait for me to take the lines in, to see what colour of outfit I had on and if the shoes matched. (My colleagues also used to check the colour of my bra straps, to see if my under wear matched! blush )

I'm off to a wedding today and wearing a pair of low kitten heels, but even they hurt.
I have a beautiful pair of flat, lacy, pale blue ballet shoes to wear as soon as the ceremony is over. (Bought many moons ago, at a market in Spain of course! )

tanith Sat 10-Aug-19 07:41:53

I can wear heels and have a few pairs for weddings etc but live in flats mostly, I have loads of sandals and Skechers do some lovely pretty shoes I have several pairs and boots of course but mostly wear sandals for most of the year.
No need to feel a loss that you can’t wear heels when there are plenty of lovely alternatives.

Anja Sat 10-Aug-19 07:47:43

Yes, agree with post advocating funky trainers and sandals. Great designs, good cushioning and not old granny styles.

Marydoll Sat 10-Aug-19 07:49:48

Some of us who are verically challenged, NEED heels, otherwise we become invisible! grin

Anja Sat 10-Aug-19 12:35:02

So wear a big hat!

BlueSapphire Sat 10-Aug-19 13:30:30

I just feel uncomfortable in flat shoes so nearly everything has a heel of some sort/height, even my slippers have a small wedge; only my walking shoes are flat. Plus the fact I was at the end of the line when God gave out the height gene, so I need every inch I can get.

gransal Sun 11-Aug-19 00:05:46

I h had a mild stroke 12 years ago. After intense physio I managed to wear small kitten heels and low wedges. I always feel "dressed" when I have them on.