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Does your husband / partner ever shock you ?

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WOODMOUSE49 Sun 11-Aug-19 00:40:05

I love my plants (fruit, veg and flowers) and spend much of my day digging, weeding etc. The slugs have been playing havoc with so much this summer both in the polytunnel and garden.

I'm sat doing a few GN games tonight before bed and hear DH come in. He appears by my side with a large shovel full of slugs. "How many do you think I've found tonight?".

I do love him. So do the hedgehogs by now smile

Have you ever been shocked or surprised by husband or partner?

NanKate Mon 12-Aug-19 08:09:24

DH is very generous. Our house is like Kew Gardens he is always buying me or us flowers and I often I think ‘not more bloody flowers’ but if he goes before me, I know I will keep up the tradition.

I was NOT amused when he bought me a deep pan chip fryer one year and I haven’t let him forget it. 👎

Elenkalubleton Mon 12-Aug-19 08:11:11

Yes years ago,I had arranged to meet him in a small local shop,and while looking at some rugs,he marched up to me took me by the arm,and said to the shop owner” she’s just been let out for the day”dosnt need a rug! .Another time in M&S,he marched up again,took me by the arm and said “will you come with me madam “He was wearing a suit having come from work,so probably looked like he worked there.At Xmas once,there was lots of exciting looking presents under the tree for me,I started opening them only to find them all to be boring household stuff,rubber gloves,scouring pads,pegs,dish clothes,etc.Then I saw hanging on the tree a beautiful gold bracelet.

Witzend Mon 12-Aug-19 13:16:06

I was shocked (in the nicest possible way) when dh brought me a lovely bouquet of flowers for no apparent reason - not Valentine's Day or my birthday, so I was bemused.

He explained that it was exactly 50 years since we met. I was astounded that he knew the date, since although I remember the occasion very well, I wouldn't even have known what month it was.

Another time he did really shock me, by revealing something truly scandalous about a (not close) relation of his. It wasn't the fact of the scandal that shocked me, but the fact that he insisted he'd told me a few years previously, when he'd first found out about it.
No way!! That was something I certainly wouldn't have forgotten!