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Films that made you cry

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CaroDane Sun 11-Aug-19 13:41:41

We watched The Light Between the Oceans last night, and both ended up sobbing at the end of it ! Brilliant film but very sad. What films have made you cry ?

BlueBelle Sun 11-Aug-19 16:42:46

Rabbit Proof Fence ....stayed with me forever

Suzan05 Sun 11-Aug-19 16:43:20

Bridges of Madison County, my favourite film too.

MaizieD Sun 11-Aug-19 16:44:37

The Railway Children. A group of us bunked off college to see it when it first came out. Not a dry eye between us at the end (and that included the boys). It still makes me cry 50 years later!

The Incredible Journey (probably not particularly well known film of the book)

Chewbacca Sun 11-Aug-19 16:47:21

Bamboo I'll never watch it again! 😢😭

Chewbacca Sun 11-Aug-19 16:47:58

Bamboo? BAMBI!

Maggiemaybe Sun 11-Aug-19 16:49:49

Oh yes, Marydoll, How Green Was My Valley!

Love Actually took me by surprise. I was blubbing during the intro, all the families meeting and saying goodbye at the airport. And by the end DH refused to leave with me, “until I’d composed myself”. grin

Oh, and Titanic. And Gone With the Wind, when Bonnie died.

eazybee Sun 11-Aug-19 16:51:09

Carousel and West Side Story, every time.

Maggiemaybe Sun 11-Aug-19 16:51:09

I have been known to well up at adverts though. blush

GagaJo Sun 11-Aug-19 16:51:53

Can't watch I, Daniel Blake. I know only too well about people who live those lives due to my job.

Brokeback Mountain
Rabbit Proof Fence

Lessismore Sun 11-Aug-19 16:51:54

Au Revoir Les Enfants and Les Choiristes.

Not being horribly pretentious, they are worth a look.

fairisle Sun 11-Aug-19 16:55:02

Goodbye Mr chips (1939)
It`s the bit were someone says"It`s a shame he never had children of his own" Mr Chips says"But i did ,thousands of them all boys!" And that`s me sobbing my socks off!sad

KatyK Sun 11-Aug-19 16:57:35

Oh yes fairisle that version of Goodbye Mr Chips was so sad.

Brunette10 Sun 11-Aug-19 17:02:51

Just literally finished watching The Light Between the Oceans it made us cry. Very touching.

callgirl1 Sun 11-Aug-19 17:16:10

Imitation of Life
I`ll Cry Tomorrow
Dark Victory (and the British remake, can`t remember the title)
The Champ

Squiffy Sun 11-Aug-19 17:31:54

Goodnight Mr Tom - gets me every time!

SisterAct Sun 11-Aug-19 17:34:55

Oh yes MaggieMay. Love Story

Minniemoo Sun 11-Aug-19 17:36:27

A Night to Remember. Old Titanic film. When an old gentleman is comforting a small boy. Gets me every time. Even just thinking about it.

Daddima Sun 11-Aug-19 17:39:41

To Sir With Love
It’s a Wonderful Life

Maggiemaybe Sun 11-Aug-19 18:08:03

I don’t think anyone’s mentioned Marley and Me. I’ve never seen it but friends have described it as one of the saddest films ever.

callgirl1 Sun 11-Aug-19 18:21:32

Just googled the remake of Dark Victory, it was Stolen Hours, set mainly in Cornwall.

Iam64 Sun 11-Aug-19 18:48:37

Blinded by the Light - the scene between father and son

Black Beauty

Saving Mr Banks

(and many others)

BBbevan Sun 11-Aug-19 19:01:07

The Railway Children, when she says "My Daddy" Makes my eyes sting just to think of it. The end of Gladiator and of Ben Hur. Goodnight Mr Tom , and lots of others I'm sure

SirChenjin Sun 11-Aug-19 19:25:46

La La Land - absolutely not the ending it should have sad and Goodnight Mr Tom, which has absolutely the right ending smile

MadeInYorkshire Sun 11-Aug-19 19:26:54

Oh my, now you have me going back to the very first ones which were - The Yearling, and My Friend Flicka (and I am not THAT old, probably were on when we first got a tv??)

More recently - The Boy in The Striped Pyjamas, I Daniel Blake (I have been in a similar scenario and may be again so it is still terrifying ....) Schindler's List and obviously Marley and Me!

Washerwoman Sun 11-Aug-19 19:30:03

When I was younger The Yearling and Ring of Bright Water
Have sobbed in many films over the years.
Most recently the film Lion had my in bits.