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Films that made you cry

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CaroDane Sun 11-Aug-19 13:41:41

We watched The Light Between the Oceans last night, and both ended up sobbing at the end of it ! Brilliant film but very sad. What films have made you cry ?

Minniemoo Sun 11-Aug-19 19:34:08

Run Wild, Run Free. Mark Lester was in it with his white horse that got stuck in quicksand. John and Hayley Mills as well I think. Very dramatic at the end.

Scribbles Sun 11-Aug-19 19:48:11

Love Story
Brief Encounter
Whistle Down the Wind
African Queen

Nico97 Sun 11-Aug-19 20:03:29

How Green Was My Valley
Lassie Come Home
The Straight Story
The Jazz Singer (Neil Diamond version)

angelic Sun 11-Aug-19 20:09:06

A Star is Born with
Kristen Kristofferson &
Barbara Streisand

Sussexborn Sun 11-Aug-19 20:14:02

My older brother was so mortified when I cried when Bambi’s mother died that he climbed over the seats and sat three rows behind me.

Brocky80 Sun 11-Aug-19 20:23:53

'The Way We Were' and 'Cinema Paradiso' come to mind.

SalsaQueen Sun 11-Aug-19 20:27:12

Dumbo (I mean the original, but I haven't yet seen the new version)
Stella Dallas (black & white, Barbara Stanwyck)
Schindler's List
The Pianist
The boy in striped pyjamas

SalsaQueen Sun 11-Aug-19 20:28:22

I forgot this....
Goodnight Mr Tom

EllanVannin Sun 11-Aug-19 20:31:28

Oh yes---Goodnight Mr Tom.
Also, Goodbye Mr Chips.

Marilla Sun 11-Aug-19 20:37:31

Madam X
The English Patient
Midnight Cowboy
Goodbye Mr Chips with Martin Clunes

Fairydoll2030 Sun 11-Aug-19 20:54:07

The Shadow of Your Smile. Liz Taylor and Richard Burton.

Seeing that film was the last time ex DH and I ‘went out’ together. I found out a couple of months later that he was seeing his ex fiancée and divorce followed shortly after.

He contacted me twelve years later and told me that he had ‘made a mistake”. Too late, for I had remarried and had a family but even now, when I hear that song, it can still bring tears to my eyes. So sad....

grannyqueenie Sun 11-Aug-19 21:15:45

Reading through the films others have mentioned makes me realise how much weeping I've done over the years. When my children were small “Who Will Love my Children” and “Champ” always pushed me over the edge. I’m less of a full on weeper as I've got older but do well up at all sorts of Maggie even adverts have been known to get me going!

singingnutty Sun 11-Aug-19 21:25:00

Steel Magnolias. I've seen it several times and cry every time. It's the bit where the daughter dies having had a baby which she was advised against.

Newquay Sun 11-Aug-19 21:32:15

Fiddler on the Roof

Fairydoll2030 Sun 11-Aug-19 21:35:53

Oops, re my earlier post the film was actually The Sandpiper.
The THEME TUNE was The Shadow of your smile.

Andy Williams made a rather nice recording of the song -
Google... You Tube Andy Williams Shadow of your smile.

Can’t do links, sorry!

jacq10 Sun 11-Aug-19 22:12:09

Always have said I'm not a fan of Meryl Streep but two of my "weepies" were Bridges of Madison County and Kramer v Kramer. Remember many years ago going with a friend when we were about 13 to watch "Love is a many splendid thing" and remember both of us sobbing into our handkerchiefs and when I told my parents which film we had seen being told "it was not suitable for us"!!

MiniMoon Sun 11-Aug-19 22:18:46

Franco Zeffirelli's Romeo and Juliet.
My sister and I went to the cinema to see it and everyone was weeping as we left.
Field of Dreams
Sense and Sensibility.

TwiceAsNice Sun 11-Aug-19 22:21:30

A dogs purpose
Love story
Dances with wolves
To sir with love

TwiceAsNice Sun 11-Aug-19 22:23:20

Oh and Stepmom with Susan Sarandon . Cried buckets!

Minniemoo Sun 11-Aug-19 22:26:08

The Feed the Birds scene in Mary Poppins used to make me cry when a child. Not overly sure why. But I've been feeding the birds ever since!

sharon103 Sun 11-Aug-19 22:46:13

The Theory In Everything (life story of Stephen Hawking)
When I was little, Bambi. I was upset for ages.
The old version of Wuthering Heights.
Mrs Minerva. My mums favourite film.

Gaunt47 Sun 11-Aug-19 22:51:45

Sharon103 - do you mean the 1939 Olivier/Oberon version of Wuthering Heights? That was going to be one of mine! Had my OH and I sobbing at the end, and I hate hate hate melodrama!

Eloethan Sun 11-Aug-19 23:16:44

One flew over the cuckoo's nest
Driving Miss Daisy
Midnight cowboy
I, Daniel Blake
Marley and me
Tunes of Glory
The painted veil
Imitation of life
Carve her name with pride

sharon103 Sun 11-Aug-19 23:38:08

Yes that's right Gaunt47. I had read the book when I was at school and first saw the film on tv years ago. A classic. smile

jeanio Sun 11-Aug-19 23:51:14

Life is Beautiful
The Green Mile
Lots and lots of films.