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A damn close shave!

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phoenix Sun 11-Aug-19 18:30:43

My (prize winning smile) hanging basket has just crashed to the floor as Mr P was watering it, due to the cast iron bracket it was hanging from snapping shock

The bracket was listed as being suitable for that size of basket, and was put up at the end of May.

It is right by our front door, I hate to think what might have happened if it had broken when the postman, a visitor or one of the cats was underneath it!I

A strongly worded email will be being sent!

JackyB Sun 11-Aug-19 20:18:31


EllanVannin Sun 11-Aug-19 20:22:41

Somebody would have seen stars alright.

dragonfly46 Sun 11-Aug-19 20:30:39

Oh gosh phoenix I hope your wonderful hanging basket was not damaged.

phoenix Sun 11-Aug-19 20:38:00

dragonfly46 it did have a bit of damage, some of the apricot begonia broke off, but it could have been worse.

Mr P managed to re hang it on one of the other curly bits of the bracket, but they are much closer to the wall, (iykwim) so the flowers in that section are squashed.

Cherrytree59 Sun 11-Aug-19 20:47:25

Phoenix a close shave indeedshock.

However I was wondering the outcome of the hanging basket saga.

Did I miss a thread??

Transportation and result?

Obviously a medal or cup winner ๐Ÿ†

phoenix Sun 11-Aug-19 21:08:18

Cherrytree59 it won first prize in its class!grin However, the Bernard Vanstone Memorial Rosebowl went to what the judges considered to be the best exhibit in either the hanging basket OR the patio planter class. TBH, I thought the patio tub that won it was nothing specialhmm

As listed on the thread, Mr P still refused to get involved, the item was threaded into a strong iron bar and taken to the village hall on foot by our wonderful local handyman and my neighbours son.

It was the first and only thing I had ever entered, so was pretty chuffed to win 1at prize grin

Glammy57 Sun 11-Aug-19 21:14:23

Yikes, glad nobody, or animal, was hurt! ๐Ÿ’

Cherrytree59 Sun 11-Aug-19 21:20:57

Well done Great result ๐Ÿ‘.
Any pics?smile

phoenix Sun 11-Aug-19 21:23:34

It weighs a bloody ton (well, not literally a ton, but damn heavy!) When we turn it round each week, I have to help support it as Mr P rearranges the ring, and he's a well built chap of 6'1" !

BradfordLass72 Mon 12-Aug-19 02:06:15

Maybe the bracket was suitable for the basket but did whoever told you that, they allow for the weight of soil, plants, roots and water?

phoenix Mon 12-Aug-19 07:21:39

Here you go, I'm not a very good photographer though!

dragonfly46 Mon 12-Aug-19 07:28:28

You are very good to turn yours round. Once mine are up they stay in one place and one of mine has trailing petunias hanging down the back!

BlueSapphire Mon 12-Aug-19 07:32:12

That's beautiful, phoenix! Well done and congratulations!

Calendargirl Mon 12-Aug-19 07:32:32

Have you been affected by the strong winds of the last few days? Extra pressure on the basket maybe? Just a thought as our (non-prize winning!) baskets have been battered about badly.

Willow500 Mon 12-Aug-19 07:46:06

Beautiful basket and well done on your prize. Thank goodness there wasn't any other damage when it fell or serious injury!!

Charleygirl5 Mon 12-Aug-19 10:36:29

Are you going to go through a repeat performance next year?!

phoenix Mon 12-Aug-19 18:01:06

Charleygirl it all depends on how next year's efforts turn out!

Calendargirl it has taken a bit of a battering, lost a few begins blooms but fortunately the place where it's hanging has a moderate amount of shelter.

Thank you all for the compliments, to show the full effect I would have to bore you silly with umpteen photos!

I bunged in carefully positioned so many plants that I had to take several pictures from various angles!

phoenix Mon 12-Aug-19 18:04:56

BEGONIAS! Damn auto correct!

I was rather surprised at how much one small pot of helichrysium could spread. Can hardly see the lobelia and becopa, but they are in there. Somewhere.............