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WOODMOUSE49 Thu 15-Aug-19 16:01:32

I come onto Gransnet daily.

There're not many days when I don't look at what is being discussed in the forums. I head for the Active ones and see what takes my interest.

I want to read what others are saying but then I do get frustrated when reading some of the openers to then find that some posts are absolutely nothing to do with the opening one. Quite a lot of comments in some cases.

1000 comments then the discussion is closed.

1000 comments for a limerick - impossible to sidetrack.
1000 comments about a specific news/politics item - loads of sidetracking.

I have a DH that gets sidetracked and that frustrates me too.

Any more frustrations?

Lisagran Thu 15-Aug-19 16:31:48

I guess that’s like conversations in real life, WOODMOUSE49 - you start off talking about one news item / a new recipe / a book you’ve just read - and that leads on to other things.........?

BradfordLass72 Fri 16-Aug-19 06:18:43

Just a tad frustrated that some of the people who participate in the very popular Limericks threads, don't seem to know what a Limerick is or how to write it.

A bit off-putting to see the lines before yours don't conform and are more like a poem.
But they are often quite funny.

There's a specific rhythm to a Limerick which has been explained.... but still we get out-of-since lines. <sigh>