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Calling all DHs.

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Rufus2 Mon 19-Aug-19 15:05:23

You probably are all avid viewers of this YouTube prog., but I wasn't until this evening when shown "Super Car Blondie" whilst having dinner with my Aussie neighbours
If you are passionate about (expensive futuristic cars and blondes) take a look! grin
We were wondering how she scores a gig like that, but whatever, she's good and so are the cars.
As part of our cultural exchange, I was able to explain to them "going commando" which figures quite often on Gransnet and of which they weren't aware, but which had also been put to me when in hospital by a nurse offering to "put me into my pyjamas", whilst I was busy watching "Le Tour ..." live on TV. I don't think that was code for anything, but when she confided she preferred Commando "night attire" I escaped by saying "so do I". At my age, ICU isn't a good option! shock
Anyway, the video is worth a (safe) look.