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I Totally Understand but!

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SisterAct Wed 28-Aug-19 19:16:54

My daughter in law is in labour and they have been sent home till she is further on. Her mum has gone to see her. This I totally understand and certainly wouldn’t go but having spoken to my son I would love to give him a hug😘.

Grannyben Wed 28-Aug-19 19:25:21

Oh bless you. It's such an exciting time but it does take us back and remind us of when they came running to mum for hugs and support.
Why not send him a quick message, sending your love to all and reminding him that you are available if needed. Then, sit back and wait till you can give all three members of the new family the biggest hugs ever

BradfordLass72 Wed 28-Aug-19 21:29:29

I used to send my sons a brief message now and then:
"Mum loves you to bits, consider yourself hugged xxxx"

It made them laugh.

tanith Wed 28-Aug-19 21:31:22

It’s hard to take a backseat, my sons children were born abroad that was the hardest thing when I knew I was finding out after the babies were born and all dies family were right there, I was so jealous and they are the nicest people you could meet.
Do as suggested be supportive by text.

tanith Wed 28-Aug-19 21:32:12

That should be dils family

lemongrove Wed 28-Aug-19 21:33:42

I always say ‘sending you a virtual hug’ and it’s natural that you want to at this exciting but worrying time.

CanadianGran Wed 28-Aug-19 21:34:07

Congratulations, how exciting! I would send son or DIL a message of support, just to let them know you are thinking of them.

BradfordLass72 Thu 29-Aug-19 23:44:51

What did she have? Do let us know please flowers

SisterAct Fri 30-Aug-19 10:23:00

My new Grandaughter was born yesterday morning 7lb 5 and I met her yesterday evening Gave all 3 hugs. Appreciate how lucky I am 😊

GrannyGravy13 Fri 30-Aug-19 10:34:38

Congratulations SisterAct, there is nothing better than holding your GC for the first time. 💐💐💐💐

EllanVannin Fri 30-Aug-19 11:40:22

Aw, bless the little girlie, how lovely. Many congratulations.

Jane10 Fri 30-Aug-19 13:27:03

Lovely news. We'll worth the worry. Enjoy your new wee 👶!

Luckygirl Fri 30-Aug-19 13:28:34

Oh brilliant! smile

luluaugust Fri 30-Aug-19 13:50:36

Great news flowers

Urmstongran Fri 30-Aug-19 13:53:34

Congratulations to you all!

Teetime Fri 30-Aug-19 14:55:43

Congratulations how lovely for you. Does she have a name yet?

agnurse Fri 30-Aug-19 16:00:24


I recognize I am late to the game, but I too agree that sending a supportive text is a great option in situations such as that.

SisterAct Fri 30-Aug-19 19:56:42

Thank you for all your good wishes and advice.

Willow500 Sat 31-Aug-19 19:54:40

Congratulations - new babies are wonderful grin flowers