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Credit where credit is due!

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Katek Mon 02-Sep-19 11:35:04

I renewed my driving licence online last Thursday, 29th. My new licence dropped through my letterbox this morning, Monday 2nd! That’s a 2 day turnaround - 1.5 actually - as my application was timed 12.42. Brilliant service from DVLA

Nonnie Mon 02-Sep-19 11:45:24

They must be getting better. I gave them my change of address 10 years ago and got a new registration document saying the car had changed owners. Two Mrs Nonnies, all details the same except the address! Didn't bother me as I had no intention of selling the car which is now 16 years old and still runs like a dream!

BradfordLass72 Mon 02-Sep-19 21:36:54

!! "UK DVLA Accused of Speeding" !!


annodomini Mon 02-Sep-19 22:22:36

I did the three-year renewal on line two weeks ago and my new licence also came through within three days.

downtoearth Tue 03-Sep-19 06:58:25


henetha Tue 03-Sep-19 09:34:13

Same here. I was amazed!

midgey Tue 03-Sep-19 09:45:08

I need a replacement licence as I have lost mine. Applied last Monday......still waiting. Perhaps you lot are special!envy

gillybob Tue 03-Sep-19 09:48:56

Well that’s s new one on me . DVLA getting something right . They have caused me so much worry and stress this year . Thankfully now sorted but not a word of apology ( surprise surprise ) . Basically they “mistakenly” transferred ownership of one of our vans to a garage ( motor trader) 100’s of miles away and cancelled the road tax . We and the garage (who DVLA said were the rightful keepers hmm ) were blissfully unaware . Until the inevitable shit hit the fan ! angry