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Alexa responding to thank you.

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Doodle Fri 06-Sep-19 17:04:45

Has anyone else noticed their Alexa has started replying with “you’re welcome” or “anytime” if you say thank you to her (it!)

GrandmaKT Fri 06-Sep-19 17:08:43

Ha ha! She must have spent a week with my GC! Every time they say "thank you", I get pulled up if I don't say "you're welcome". If anyone sneezes, it can go on indefinitely...
Bless You
Thank You
You're Welcome!!

gillyknits Fri 06-Sep-19 17:11:31

Once Alexa replied to my husband’s thanks by saying “It is I that should thank you” . We all fell about laughing!😁

Grannybags Fri 06-Sep-19 17:12:52

When my 7 year old GD burps or whatever and says "excuse me" I always say "yes I will"

She answers with "you don't have to keep saying that, Granny!"

Gonegirl Fri 06-Sep-19 17:16:14

Yes. We have noticed Alexa becoming a little over friendly lately. A bit weird.

watermeadow Fri 06-Sep-19 17:20:00

You’re sharing your home with a Yank. Shudder.
You must now refer to a toilet as a bathroom and ask your puppy to “Go potty”. That puppy will have his tail and ears cut off.
You’re probably “a senior”. You must call your pants “underwear” and your trousers are now pants.
Making a cake involves sticks of butter and cups of all-purpose flour but you’ll probably use a box of chemicals labelled Betty Crocker instead.
Be prepared to radically alter your diet and house. I could go on but ask Alexa to translate for you.

MiniMoon Fri 06-Sep-19 17:29:44

My Echo Show had an update last week, but I haven't noticed anything different. Perhaps I haven't asked the right questions.

glammanana Fri 06-Sep-19 17:45:49

She has been saying "you're welcome" since we first downloaded the connection app,OH couldn't believe it when she first said it.

kittylester Fri 06-Sep-19 17:47:27

Has anyone said goodnight to their Alexa? It's quite entertaining!

Charleygirl5 Fri 06-Sep-19 18:10:12

I have not said thanks since I bought it and to date I have never heard you are welcome. How weird.

I have Alexa downstairs and Echo in my bedroom and if I ask Alexa something too loudly Echo starts but on a different subject so has to be shut up and does not always want to be quiet!

Cherrytree59 Fri 06-Sep-19 18:29:09

Kitty On a recent sleep over my little grandson both said 'Good Night' to alexa,
she replied 'Good Night and don't let the bugs bite'!

Thankfully they just thought it was funny and not that Grandma's beds had bugs!shock

annodomini Fri 06-Sep-19 18:33:50

I had asked her to set an alarm for the morning and she said she sensed that I was getting ready for bed and asked if I would like her to play some soothing music. I declined, but wonder what I would have got if I'd agreed.

kittylester Fri 06-Sep-19 18:56:56

We have our bedroom one so we can 'mask' dh's tinnitus. He gets 'her' to play Watery Forest on a loop all night and he thinks it helps

GrandmaKT Fri 06-Sep-19 19:52:37

and how do you like Watery Forest playing all night kitty? shock

Iam64 Fri 06-Sep-19 20:54:11

I don't have Siri on my phone, at least I didn't think I had. Some time ago, I was driving and my husband asked me some question or other to which I replied "I don't bliddy know". A disembodied voice, from the phone in my hand bag said "that wasn't very nice".

It hasn't happened since - very disconcerting. My Alexa understands my 3 year old grandson "Alexa, play Baby shark" and she does. what's happening in the world!

Doodle Fri 06-Sep-19 23:16:41

watermeadow I only ask her to turn the lights on and off and the odd query about the weather. I wouldn’t dream of discussing my toilet habits with her 😀

Doodle Fri 06-Sep-19 23:18:26

kitty watery forest all night 😱 I would be in the bathroom all night 😊

Willow500 Sat 07-Sep-19 06:26:39

About the only thing I ask our Echo show is what the weather will be like today - I have to specify where we are as for some reason she seems to think we're in Alabama grin

I've never had her respond even though I always say thank you - she's very rude and will occasionally butt in during a conversation with something totally random. Once I was on a conference call for work (I worked from home) when she suddenly came to life and joined the call - colleagues thought it was hilarious when I shouted Alexa shut up!!

kittylester Sat 07-Sep-19 06:48:05

I cant hear "Watery Forest' as it is on very low and on his side of the bed.

BradfordLass72 Sat 07-Sep-19 07:17:03

You can change the voices on all VOPs so if an American accent grates on your ears watermeadow change to a British one. You can also choose male or female.

And you can stop any of them saying 'you're welcome' or indeed responding to you at all within the 8 second gap after a command. Which is probably why Charleygirl5 has never heard it, hers is turned off.

What made me laugh, when I had a friend's Google Assistant, is that it would answer commands or requests on my audio books.
In the course of the story, the narrator would say, "Can you get me a cup of tea?" and GA would pipe up with , 'I'm sorry, I can't do that yet.'

Yet? I live in hopes! grin

vena11 Sat 07-Sep-19 08:17:05

Alexa also tell jokes if you ask her and she flashes orange if you buy something on Amazon and tells you when its on its way, amazing.

TwiceAsNice Sat 07-Sep-19 08:36:02

God I would not have one on the house. It would drive me mad

quizqueen Sat 07-Sep-19 08:46:33

Having one of those things in your home is a very dangerous thing. You are being watched and listened to and, shall I say groomed, into thinking being controlled by AI is normal. Independent thought and choice will disappear, haven't you watched all the sci fi films! It's not a joke.

Charleygirl5 Sat 07-Sep-19 08:46:50

venall I get really irritated when Alexa tells me something is coming from Ama\zon- I flipping well know. What I want to know is when the darned thing is coming so I do not have to hang around all day.

She is useful for the weather, like an alarm clock and a timer for the cooker because I cannot see the timer gadget. I do not use her for shopping lists.

If I am discussing her with a friend, I call her Mary so that she does not pipe up with some drivel about the weather in Alabama.

kittylester Sat 07-Sep-19 08:49:06

It is worth having just for the times when the children ask it to fart and then have hysterics.