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solar panels and batteries-what to do?

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petunia Sat 07-Sep-19 09:08:17

we have solar panels and are contemplating getting a battery to store solar energy for evening use. has anyone already done this who is willing to share their opinions please.

does it save money, is it easy to use, is it cost neutral, how big and obvious is your battery?knowing what you know now, would you install them again?

Auntieflo Sat 07-Sep-19 10:08:23

Hi Petunia. We have had solar panels since early 2012, and we recouped the outlay, much more quickly than forecast.
As to the batteries, I don't know the cost of them, but have been told they are expensive. DH thinks we wouldn't recover the cost of installing those.
We are 80 and 77!! Mmmm
As to having solar panels, I would have them again, although when we got ours, the Feed in Tariff was very good, but has now changed, but the installation costs are now lower I believe.
DH reckons that with the income from them, we receive more than the outgoings for Gas and Electricity , so are in profit.

petunia Sat 07-Sep-19 12:52:16

hi auntieflo.
many thanks for your resonse. we also have panels and they are great. ive recently had a quote for a battery and also just, in the last hour, found a web site that works out cost versus income. sadly it means for quite some time, we would be running at a loss. pity as it seems the perfect way to reduce our relience on the grid.

oh well!

Alectia Mon 16-Dec-19 08:53:30

We also have solar panels, and that's amazing! My DH was thinking for a long time if solar energy better or not. We didn't have huge electricity bills, but my husband realized, that in the future we will pay less if we buy the solar panels (they are not cheap at all ). And it turned out his thoughts and counts were true.
We charge almost all our batteries from solar panels (car battery too) and pay less than in the past. And for me, it is important that it saves not only our budget but also the environment.
We are completely satisfied with this purchase.

mrwilliam430 Tue 12-Jan-21 17:12:30

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