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Chin hair removal.

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MissAdventure Sun 08-Sep-19 17:39:26

Can anyone recommend something cheap and easy to pull the blighters out, please?

Tweezers obviously aren't the answer, as I've just realised, having felt a little hairy patch, and just taking off my glasses so I can't see them is no longer an option.

Sussexborn Sun 08-Sep-19 17:48:18

I tried Boots version of Immac for faces but just ended up with a red chin instead of a hairy one.

Varifocals don’t help. You spot an extra long hair, fetch the tweezers and the mirror and then the blighter disappears!

I was told as a child that if you pluck the hairs out of a mole you will bleed to death! So be careful!

phoenix Sun 08-Sep-19 17:52:42

I get waxed about every 4/6 weeks when getting my hair cut, in between I use a battery operated threading gizmo that was bought in Amazon.

(But still get the tweezers out for the odd big bugger blighter.

J52 Sun 08-Sep-19 17:53:06

Why are tweezers not the answer? I have a x5 magnifying mirror, wear my glasses and use tweezers.
The blighters are gone in seconds. A quick review in the morning sorts any new ones out.

Gonegirl Sun 08-Sep-19 17:53:59

Tweezers and a strong little magnifying mirror held in the other hand is the only option that works.

Or get someone else to do it.

Pantglas1 Sun 08-Sep-19 17:54:58

I’m a tweezer girl for the odd bristle but Avon do an upper lip remover which gets rid of the fluff.

Annaram1 Sun 08-Sep-19 17:56:06

Look at your face in different lights, from different angles. This should make it easier to see the hairs. Have a mirror on a window sill and your tweezers nearby, so you can pull them out without having to go and get the equipment. I do mine every morning.

MiniMoon Sun 08-Sep-19 18:03:50

I use tweezers too.

I bought myself a good magnifying mirror, and positioned it beside the bathroom window where the light is best.

I also have a handy little battery operated shaver for the top lip and the peach fluff on my cheeks.
like this one, but I bought it in Tesco.

MissAdventure Sun 08-Sep-19 18:06:53

I don't want to look at my own face, magnified grin

I'd never go out in public again if I saw that, plus I don't want to spend every day pulling out hairs; no time for that.

I want a gizmo to pull them out quickly and easily for me.

stella1949 Sun 08-Sep-19 18:10:47

I want a gizmo to pull them out quickly and easily for me

I'll repeat what others have said. Get a magnifying mirror and a pair of good tweezers. You don't have to "spend every day pulling out hairs: no time for that " , you just check once each day and pull out one or two, it takes about a second .

MissAdventure Sun 08-Sep-19 18:14:03

You can repeat it all you like.
Tweezers don't work for me.
I can barely see the hairs, with glasses, with magnification, and with floodlights!

Pantglas1 Sun 08-Sep-19 18:16:34

Well you just need to socialise with people with similar vision MissAdventure - the won’t see them either! grin

MissAdventure Sun 08-Sep-19 18:18:27

I could start a 'short sighted bearded ladies' social club.

GagaJo Sun 08-Sep-19 18:26:34

It depends if they are bristly hairs or soft fine ones.

I have both. I use (wait for it) a LIGHTER on my chin and neck. Steps below.

1) Tie your hair back.
2) Stand, glasses on if needed, in front of a good, static mirror.
3) Light the lighter and pass it at a steady pace over your chin and neck.

You need to work out how slowly you can go, without burning yourself. Too fast and the flame goes out. Too fast and the hairs aren't singed and got rid of.

I do this to rid myself of the fine hairs. Then I pluck the bristly / beard hairs.

For my top lip, I wax. I can't bear the flame on my lip. Too sensitive.

They do this in Turkey/arabic countries to rid ladies of fine hair. Works a treat.

MissAdventure Sun 08-Sep-19 18:29:14

Actually, the Turkish barbers around these parts use what looks like a blow torch around blokes ears and nostrils, so that's not as outlandish as it sounds. Hmmm...

They're bristly hairs, by the way.

Alima Sun 08-Sep-19 18:31:56

What do you do for an encore GagaJo, fire eating, flame throwing? Would rather have the odd chin hair than burnt flesh, awful pong!

MissAdventure Sun 08-Sep-19 18:41:37

I have a 'NoNo', and that fills the air with the smell of singed hair, but the swines are still there.

I thought something that pulls them out by the root might work a bit better.

annsixty Sun 08-Sep-19 18:42:59

If anyone really has the answer please let us know.
I have both peach fuzz and strong bristles and as something has to blamed for everything I blame seven and a half years on hormonal treatment after breast cancer.
I do feel by the way it is a small price to pay for being healthy after all these years.
However it is not easy to deal with and would love a definitive solution.

MissAdventure Sun 08-Sep-19 18:45:17

I saw a JML hair removing thing in Boots the other day, and was tempted, but didn't want to waste my money.

GagaJo Sun 08-Sep-19 18:48:34

Alima we're not talking 'the odd hair'. If I look in a mirror at the wrong angle I don't look hairy, I look furry. Can't risk it at school! I'd be ridiculed.

You need an epilator, MissAdventure. I used to be 'well 'ard' and use one on my legs. Too wimpy now. It's painful!

MissAdventure Sun 08-Sep-19 19:01:55

I have peach fuzz too, actually.
Sideburns.. but just blonde.

Nature is unkind sometimes, considering I have barely any eyebrows and the hair on my head is falling out alarmingly.

GagaJo Sun 08-Sep-19 19:07:42

Oh ditto, MissAdventure. I could do with a hair transplant. Chin/neck to head.

MissAdventure Sun 08-Sep-19 19:10:31


I think someone will come along soon, and say "Oh I use the -- whatever -- which only cost £10 and does the trick beautifully.

GagaJo Sun 08-Sep-19 19:13:46

I'll be sophisticated shall I?

I use the Zippo! It costs £150 for the embossed model and has a 3 inch flame.

I have no eyebrows anymore but they were grey anyway.

MissAdventure Sun 08-Sep-19 19:16:05

Ooh, get you!

The poundland lighters used to be very good for removing nostril hair when trying to light a fag up.