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What's for lunch ?

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Hellsbelles Mon 09-Sep-19 13:52:32

My dh has now retired , and I'm finding that he wants something at lunchtime, but more often or not doesn't know what. Thankfully he's not the sort that expects me to present it to him and will more often or not get something himself. Any ideas ?
We are not particularly fond of too much bread.

Gonegirl Mon 09-Sep-19 13:55:31

Well, I've just had two slices of white bread (left over from treat for younger GS yesterday) with tinnned salmon and cucumber. Delicious!

Might now have another slice with jam. All is lost for me.

MiniMoon Mon 09-Sep-19 14:02:24

We eat our main meal at lunch time.
Today I stuffed a large party pan squash with a cheese and bacon stuffing and baked it in the oven with some toast potatoes. We had broccoli and green beans as an accompaniment.

merlotgran Mon 09-Sep-19 14:03:35

Home made vegetable soup using left overs from Sunday lunch.

KatyK Mon 09-Sep-19 14:07:29

I've just had beans on toast. DH is making a pork stir fry later.

Pantglas1 Mon 09-Sep-19 14:09:04

Left over pasta carbonara from last night!

Grannybags Mon 09-Sep-19 14:13:51

Banana on toast. Yummy!

M0nica Mon 09-Sep-19 14:15:15

Baked potato, omelette, soup, sausage/bacon and tomatoes/mushrooms, salad, Cheese on toast, pate & toast, quiche and grilled tomatoes, pizza - use a pitta for the base and make your own.

We have our main meal at lunch time. Today: sausage casserole, cabbage, potatoes and stewed rhubarb.

HillyN Mon 09-Sep-19 14:15:55

We usually have sandwiches; my DH's favourites are egg and bacon sandwiches or fish fingers with tartare sauce! As a change from bread we may have wraps or pasties. Sometimes I get panini rolls for a change (I love brie and cranberry) or some nice crusty bread to have with soup.

Sussexborn Mon 09-Sep-19 14:16:31

I’m not going to be much help. I’ve just had cup of tea and a slice of toasted bread from the bread maker. Butter for me and greasy spread for OH. He often has leftovers all mixed up on one plate. He went to boarding school and I think they scrambled his taste buds.

annsixty Mon 09-Sep-19 14:20:54

Today it was pate (mushroom) on toast, just one slice and a nectarine.
Home made soup is a favorite or egg, scrambled or fried on toast.
One particular favourite currently is crackers and cheese with a piece of fruit.
Frankly anything quick and easy.

Auntieflo Mon 09-Sep-19 14:38:00

DH was out for lunch today, so after a bit of shopping I have had a lightly toasted bagel, with cream cheese and smoked salmon trimmings. Washed down with a big mug of red bush tea. don't tell anyone, but I also had a snickers bar

Septimia Mon 09-Sep-19 14:45:35

Usually we have some oatcakes and cheese. Which has reminded me ... and I've just realised that I forgot to buy the oatcakes this morning.

Probably because I was thinking ahead to today's lunch for which I bought some bread rolls in order to fill them with left-over bacon. Yum.

EllanVannin Mon 09-Sep-19 16:16:56

I had corned beef hash and red cabbage.

Oldandverygrey Mon 09-Sep-19 16:19:27

Monica - do you really enjoy stewed rhubarb?

M0nica Mon 09-Sep-19 16:27:08

Yes, we both do, absolutely love it. I have a large and very productive rhubarb patch.

We love brussel sprouts as well.

BlueSapphire Mon 09-Sep-19 16:29:23

I had cheese on toast and some soup; meant to have an apple as well, but forgot! Will probably have the same tomorrow as I have a bit of cheese to use up.

Making Singapore noodles with turkey breast tonight.

Oldandverygrey Mon 09-Sep-19 16:30:16

Brussels are good, but would rather walk over hot coals than be served up a dish of rhubarb! wouldn't do for us all to be the same.

Hellsbelles Mon 09-Sep-19 16:32:38

Thank you for possible suggestions , seems most of us eat bread !
I should have mentioned we don't eat meat, fish yes, but some good things to think about. For some reason , soup for me is a winter only thing, so perhaps we need to 're-think that.

Gonegirl Mon 09-Sep-19 16:35:19

I like rhubarb and custard. Yum.

GrandmaKT Mon 09-Sep-19 17:03:30

I had home made mushroom soup. Very quick and easy to make. Do you have a soup maker? If not, you could buy DH one and a recipe book and let him get creative!

Septimia -just being nosy, but do you have Scottish oatcakes (biscuits) or Staffordshire oatcakes (wraps)?

Auntieflo Mon 09-Sep-19 17:55:27

How can anyone not like stewed rhubarb?

crazyH Mon 09-Sep-19 18:07:12

Don't talk to me about Lunch....Yesterday morning, while shopping in Home Bargains, I picked up a packet of croissants. Headed home to have one with a cup of tea. Big mistake !! Within 15 minutes, I was so sick, it was unbelievable. And I can honestly tell you, the last time I was 'sick' was when I was pregnant and that's 40 years ago.

midgey Mon 09-Sep-19 18:09:48

Rhubarb crumble....yum yum!

MamaCaz Mon 09-Sep-19 18:11:53

Yesterday was our village show, so all today's meals are based on leftovers from my many entries. That was my excuse for having a big slice of prize-winning carrot and courgette cake mid-morning, then a slice of prize-winning double apple tart (with cream) for lunch.
Naughty but nice grin

Have sort of made up for it tonight by having a huge plate of roasted veg, using up courgette, butternut squash, party pans, courgettes, potatoes and tomatoes that I had to harvest in search of the 'perfect' produce needed for the veg section.