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Do you eat out alone? 🍽🧂🍷

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Urmstongran Thu 12-Sep-19 07:23:57

I’m happy to go into any bar or restaurant, during the day or in the evening and order food and/or drinks on my own. Sometimes I take a book for company, other times not.

One of my friends however has never done this and says she ‘just couldn’t’ as she would feel too self conscious.

Would you?

annsixty Thu 12-Sep-19 07:29:59

I wish I could.
In another life I had no problem going into a cafe at lunchtime if out shopping etc and having a snack or sandwich and a coffee but now I am on my own and much older (old!) I wish I had the confidence to go out and have a proper meal.
When my H was well it was a regular thing with us to go out for lunch, evening meal, dinner.
It is just another thing I miss very much.

tanith Thu 12-Sep-19 07:30:42

I would but don’t eat out that often and it’s usually on an occasion with family. It wouldn’t bother me though.

Riverwalk Thu 12-Sep-19 07:40:23

If I'm travelling/away from home/out shopping have no problem eating alone - don't want to starve!

However, I wouldn't make a conscious effort to go out from home for lunch or dinner, wouldn't see the point.

Pantglas1 Thu 12-Sep-19 07:42:47

I would now Urmstongran but not when in my teens or even twenties. Not sure whether it’s due to the confidence that comes with age, or the can’t-be-arsed with what anybody thinks! I quite like people watching and can’t do that in company!

Sara65 Thu 12-Sep-19 07:46:24

I couldn’t do it I’m afraid, if I’m out and see people eating alone, I always feel sad for them, although, there’s clearly no reason to!

I have a friend who was widowed quite young, and she does it all the time, she thinks I’m ridiculous!

GrannyGravy13 Thu 12-Sep-19 07:54:31

I often go out to lunch on my own with a good idea of bliss ☕️🥗🍷

Urmstongran Thu 12-Sep-19 07:57:11

No need to feel sad for lone diners. Not everyone you see doing so is lonely or bereaved.

I’m married but if my husband and I are apart for any reason (this week for example) and I fancy eating out then I do!

Riverwalk Thu 12-Sep-19 08:09:50

And I do not take a book - eat me dinner and have a good look around!

ginny Thu 12-Sep-19 08:12:38

Quite happy to eat out alone. Doesn’t bother me what others are thinking.

TwiceAsNice Thu 12-Sep-19 08:19:31

I will stop for a lunchtime snack/ coffee if out shopping but wouldn’t usually eat a full on evening meal by myself if still at home. I wouldn’t really enjoy holidaying alone either . Just think it’s no fun with nobody to chat to.

dragonfly46 Thu 12-Sep-19 08:21:41

Yes it doesn’t bother me. I remember once being on a trip to Paris with my language course. I chose one morning to go shopping alone and then had lunch in a small bistro with a carafe of wine. Must admit had trouble finding the metro for the trip back grin

M0nica Thu 12-Sep-19 08:22:59

Never bothered me. DD, who is happily single and lives alone regularly takes herself off for the day to do all sorts of things and this inevitably involves meals out.

Usually have my Kindle in my handbag, but would never read in a restaurant, that does look desperate, don't play with my phone either, just sit and people watch.

Why on earth would you think someone eating alone, need pity or sympathy?

Hetty58 Thu 12-Sep-19 08:24:37

If I'm out I'll find somewhere nice and have a meal. Why on Earth not?

BlueSapphire Thu 12-Sep-19 08:29:44

I frequently do, always have done, always will, no fears for me. When our DC were little, DH would often tell me to go out on my own shopping on a Saturday "and have a nice lunch out and a glass of wine."
I like people watching, and the whole experience of having a meal out. Am thinking of going to Milton Keynes one day next week, and usually have a nice lunch in Cafe Rouge. Will savour a meal I haven't had to cook myself!

Harris27 Thu 12-Sep-19 08:32:57

Normally it’s just a coffee and a sandwich never eaten full meal,out. Don’t go far anyway!

Amagran Thu 12-Sep-19 08:37:50

My treat for myself from time to time is to go down to London for the day on my own and visit art exhibitions. Part of the pleasure is to sit in a restaurant with a good book, good meal (which I haven't had to cook) and glass of wine. I see quite a few other people doing the same - whyever not?

12Michael Thu 12-Sep-19 08:49:11

I very often eat alone when out , but with going on coach trips to Hotels may sit with other people on the trip.

Barmeyoldbat Thu 12-Sep-19 08:56:21

Yes I certainly do. Mr B is often out in a running race on a Sunday and doesn’t always get back much before 4. So I often book myself into a restaurant on the waterfront have a Sunday lunch and a glass of wine. Love it. Also do it other days if M r B doesn’t want to eat out and I do.

sodapop Thu 12-Sep-19 09:00:58

I don't have a problem eating alone either. Like others I love to people watch but sometimes take a magazine or paper as well.

SirChenjin Thu 12-Sep-19 09:05:17

If I have to I will - at a hotel for work purposes or out shopping all day, that sort of thing. I wouldn't choose to go out on my own to a restaurant, no.

Urmstongran Thu 12-Sep-19 09:17:07

I did similar in Paris dragonfly46 Thu 12-Sep-19 08:21:41

I went for a city break with a friend who loves art. We went into the Musée d’Orsay but after a good couple of hours I was ‘cultured out’ and she was in her element! We agreed to part and meet at a certain point two hours later.

I took myself up to the restaurant, asked the maître d’ for a table for one and enjoyed the most delicious lunch with a glass of wine. Result = two happy friends!

Anniebach Thu 12-Sep-19 09:19:43

I use to, now I couldn’t, no confidence

B9exchange Thu 12-Sep-19 09:26:19

Used to stay in hotels on my own when I had to for work, quite enjoyed the occasional freedom to eat what I wanted, when I wanted, and go to bed at a time to suit me without worrying about DH needing sleep, but now I am retired I wouldn't choose to go out and eat on my own. It's cheaper to eat at home, so meals out are for special occasions!

crazyH Thu 12-Sep-19 09:26:30

I would , lunchtime, if I was out shopping etc but not to a proper restaurant, for an evening meal.