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Buying/selling from ebay

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seacliff Sun 22-Sep-19 18:11:42

For the first time in years I ventured onto ebay, and bought a couple of tops for £5 each including postage. I'm very pleased with them.

I have some hardly worn clothes I could try and sell, but have been put off ebay in recent years due to fees and chance of scams. I have given loads away to charity.

I do think some people have an innate gift for putting together an outfit that looks fantastic and individual. It could be all items from charity shops. I do envy them. I think maybe the accessories pull it all together.

Deedaa Sun 22-Sep-19 22:01:17

I had a dear friend who had a very tight budget for clothes and mainly dressed from charity shops and jumble sales but always looked great because she had such a good eye for colour. Her clothes may not have been expensive but they were always eye catching.

M0nica Sun 22-Sep-19 23:09:12

Most of the scams on ebay are on electronic equipmen and high price items like cars. For ordinary everyday items scams are very rare.

I have been buying and selling on ebay for 15 - 20 years. I stick by the rules, I always pay/get paid through paypal and ebay. I have yet to be cheated in any way. I get and keep certificates of posting and if fragile I take a photo of the packed product.

I have bought clothes online. My best, a Jacque Vert winter coat for £50, but the problem with clothes is returning them if they are not up to colour, quality or fit, so I generally stick to store sites for clothes buying. But lots of people do buy clothes online and I intend to try and sell some that way in the near future.

rosecarmel Mon 23-Sep-19 01:37:25

My experience on eBay has been similar to M0nca's- I sell and buy on eBay- I sold strictly men's clothing without issue, vintage and antiques, handmade items and recently a unique collection that my husband acquired over the course of his life- Also motorcycle parts for a little while- And my concert ticket stubs! I'm sure there's more I forgot about .. Just last week I purchased a beautiful sweater from Ireland and the week before that a used camera -

I have no idea how to put an outfit together .. But sometimes I somehow luck out ..

Nortsat46 Mon 23-Sep-19 07:06:30

Hello seacliff, I would encourage you to try selling on eBay. I have had considerable success selling handbags, jewellery, shoes and clothes.

I haven't had any issues or scams (touch wood) and I think EBay's processes and procedures have improved over time.
I find contacting slow payers through eBay usually speeds up their responses. Ditto, if purchased items do not arrive in a timely way, contacting the seller through the EBay systems, usually elicits the item or a refund pretty promptly.
My suggestion is give it a go...

Last year I got a beautiful Mulberry leather coat for my partner for £15. It cost £45 to have it cleaned, but we are still on to a winner ...

PamelaJ1 Mon 23-Sep-19 08:14:43

I buy but have never sold on eBay.
Last year my fabulous wedding outfit from Hobbs cost £25+p&p. What’s not to like?
I look at what I want, decide what I’ll pay, bid and then leave it. Just bought a Tula purse.
I have had one disappointing buy, a silver cross pram. The seller hadn’t mentioned the scratch on the side.
He was a vicar😱
Unfortunately I had it delivered to my mum and didn’t pick it up for a couple of months otherwise I would have had it sorted out and sent it back. However it did good service and now my sister has it for her GC.
When I have had a problem it’s soon been sorted out.

LondonGranny Thu 26-Sep-19 22:33:15

I buy things on ebay sometimes. I'm a bit of a sucker for vintage china. My very favourite teapot came from ebay. I don't tend to put in bids until the end and nearly came unstuck with that teapot. I was watching and bids...and suddenly it was withdrawn from sale. I was only interested because I'd knocked the spout off my favourite one, hitting against the kitchen tap when I was washing it. I was gutted (it had been my granny's and was her favourite too).

I contacted the buyer and asked why and he said he'd made the mistake of not putting a reserve on and too low a starting price. It had been his granny's favourite. We came to an arrangement with a price we were both happy with and he sent an invoice via ebay and I've used and loved it ever since.

LondonGranny Thu 26-Sep-19 22:39:07

My much-loved spoutless teapot is doing sterling work in the garden as a receptacle for pelargoniums smile I would add that I also buy rubber tap thingies off ebay so I'll never break a teapot spout again. I can't find them locally since the ironmongers closed down.

Judy54 Fri 27-Sep-19 13:01:37

I buy but have never sold on ebay. Mostly it is clothes that I buy and have had some wonderful things especially for weddings and special occasions. It is amazing what people sell some of it brand new still with the tags on. Probably the reason I do not sell but donate to charity shops is that I am small around 5 feet tall and most of my clothes need to be altered to fit. Once they are altered they might not be much good to anyone of average height or above. Buying brand new store clothes and then paying for alterations is not cost effective for me so buying on ebay suits my needs.