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RetiredTravel Thu 26-Sep-19 23:59:37


Just wanted to gather information the wider forum community may have in terms of fabulous horse riding experiences be it hours, days or week long.

I used to own horses in my younger days but now all but retired i just enjoy the experience without all the work.

I'd be so grateful to hear experiences I may want to pursue.

Thanks in advance

phoenix Fri 27-Sep-19 08:36:44

A friend recently did something called (I think) the Clydesdale Adventure on Dartmoor. Said it was wonderful!

Mind you, they were lucky with the weather!

Granarchist Fri 27-Sep-19 10:09:38

Ride World Wide. I went with them to Argentina - Estancia La Rosita - amazing value - we did the 8 day estancia to estancia ride - long hours in the saddle but amazing - bonus is that the wildlife is not trying to eat you ....... and
Okavango Horse Safaris - v v expensive - lots of saving and selling stuff to finance it but a real trip of a lifetime - brilliant horses -

both require a reasonable riding background especially OHS as you need to be able to move at speed if necessary but I know of at least a couple of over 70s that go regularly.

Go for it

notentirelyallhere Fri 27-Sep-19 10:14:20

I have often looked longingly at the equestrian section of this website

You probably want real riding, so be careful. I went with a friend on a riding holiday in Spain and it turned out to be 3 hours a day sitting on a plodding pony and the rest drinking tequilla, etc. Not that I did the latter, it was a horrible disappointment. I've often heard riding school owners complain about the number of people who turn up thinking they can ride without the foggiest that knowing how to ride actually means!

notentirelyallhere Fri 27-Sep-19 10:15:06

That should be 'what' knowing how to ride actually means. Autotext!

RetiredTravel Sat 28-Sep-19 19:54:42

Many thanks ; what you experienced is exactly what I want to avoid... 😬
If you can expand on how you booked this one I'd be delighted of that nugget of information..