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Wallpaper help!

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Eglantine21 Thu 03-Oct-19 07:58:07

I’ve moved house. The living room faces south, the dining room north. They are one room linked by an archway.

One long wall linking the two rooms was covered in purple wall paper. I took it down intending to paint the wall off white like the rest of the rooms but the paper has taken the paint and plaster off so realistically I have to wallpaper again.

(One day I might have it replastered but I need to make it liveable in for the time being)

I stupidly bought two dark green chairs before I moved in just because I liked them.

I even more stupidly bought some brown curtains. This was after buying the duck egg blue ones and deciding the room looked cold.

Oh lord now Im in a muddle.

What colour can I put on the walls? I’ve tried a neutral. It looks dull.

Is this redeemable ?

Riverwalk Thu 03-Oct-19 08:07:53

Download the Dulux Visualiser App.


Scroll down to the short video to see how it works. You can see what any colour will look like on your walls - you scan around the room and click on what colours you think would look good. I briefly saw a friend us it so don't know all its possibilities, but she successfully redecorated her large country kitchen in France.

Missfoodlove Thu 03-Oct-19 09:20:24

Dulux do a wonderful paint called Labrador Sands, it really does go with everything and unlike shades of magnolia is not too yellow.
Regarding curtains, could you buy some trim to edge the curtains so that they would work better with the green chairs?
I handstitched some trim onto plain curtains for my daughters living room.
It transformed a pair of ordinary Dunelm curtains.

Hetty58 Thu 03-Oct-19 09:33:43

I think I'd have the holes filled and a new skim coat of plaster put on the wall first. It's easier done now, rather than later. Can the brown curtains be used elsewhere or returned? Take photos and/or samples to the wallpaper shop and ask their advice. How about a sage green with grey tones?

lemongrove Thu 03-Oct-19 09:44:59

You need a fairly thick good quality wallpaper, B&Q have some lovely ones, washable too.How about a white one with a taupe (thin) vertical stripe in it?That would go with what you have now, and in the future.

Coolgran65 Thu 03-Oct-19 09:48:32

Sometimes trying to make something work ends up costing time and effort and it never feels right.

I’d keep the chairs as it’s hard to find a chair that you really like, and work around these.

Don’t use the curtains if you’re not happy with them. Give away or sell on eBay.

Decide on your colour scheme and go for it. As pp said best to plaster now, bite the bullet and have it done. Otherwise it’s a job just waiting. If you can’t then you could put lining paper on the wall to paint over.

Buy curtains that you love. Bearing in mind the colour of the chairs. Then you can get paint mixed to suit the curtains and chairs.

Eglantine21 Thu 03-Oct-19 10:00:16

I resisting the plastering because I’ve moved to a part of the country where it seems to take months to get anything done. Very restful unless you’re a city girl. Honestly the bathroom man came about six weeks ago. Everything agreed. He’s just (he says) emailed his plumber to see when he can give a date. The plumber will probably get back to him in a couple of weeks or so. I go off topic.........

I will try the deluxe app. Thank you Riverwalk.

Sadly stitching anything is beyond me though I can see what a difference it would make to a pair of plain curtains. I bought the brown because they were - well inoffensive- I had the same problem with curtains as I do with wall paper. I think I just don’t like patterns!

I might try lemongroves taupe stripe. Off to get some samples. Thanks folks.

Dillyduck Thu 03-Oct-19 10:03:09

Just bite the bullet now and get it plastered. Plasterers don't cost much, probably less than you think. We have an old cottage and room by room are having all the old plaster removed, chipped back to brick, and completely replastered. Including over boarding the ceiling, about £850 for a room 11ft x 11ft. Now, after 45 years, I can have emulsion rather than thick vinyl paper to hold the plaster together!