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travelsafar Mon 07-Oct-19 10:56:27

Has anyone ever painted a piece of teak furniture to update it and done it successfully. I have looked on utube and there are various ways which dont involve all that rubbing down between coats using something called chalk paint. Any tips or ideas gratefully accepted.

AnnS1 Mon 07-Oct-19 11:03:49

I got someone to chalk paint an old teak bureau, turned out really nice. Wasn’t expensive considering work involved and I didn’t want to ruin it. Think it cost £60, maybe someone local to you.

Eglantine21 Mon 07-Oct-19 11:07:19

Umm, teak furniture is the new “on trend”.

Auntieflo Mon 07-Oct-19 11:22:25

Agree with*Eglantine21*. Scandi furniture, which a lot of teak was, is definitely on trend.

You can see sideboards, from the 60/70's being featured in some photo shoots.

I'm hanging onto mine, bought in 1961, G-Plan, and I love it.

Willow500 Mon 07-Oct-19 11:25:23

I painted a solid oak wall unit earlier this year with furniture paint - I just painted it straight onto the wood with no prep. It took about 3 or 4 coats but looks amazing - we had been trying to get rid of it prior to that as it was so old. The paint was just B&Q's furniture paint which is lovely - I've painted other pieces too including a gold mirror frame which I changed to silver.

petra Mon 07-Oct-19 11:34:14

I'm afraid I'm one of those who actually likes rubbing down.
I rub down and paint between coats ( fill if necessary) At least 4 coats of undercoat.
It doesn't get that top coat until it feels like silk.

shysal Mon 07-Oct-19 11:40:47

I hate the rubbing down! Chalk paint is great because it doesn't need it. A friend has just done an old dresser which now looks fabulous. She has done several coats and is considering sanding the edges to distress it.

merlotgran Mon 07-Oct-19 11:42:06

Agree about teak being on trend but it's not my favourite design look.

Go for chalk paint if you decide to give it a new look then a couple of coats of wax.

Good quality chalk paint is not cheap but goes a long way. It's also a good idea to buy the correct brushes for quick and easy coverage.