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MiniMoon Wed 23-Oct-19 21:20:23

My grandson found £10 in the street one evening when we were out for a walk.I
The new polymer notes are very slippery and it's easy to miss your pocket.

Sara65 Wed 23-Oct-19 21:04:40

Didn’t mean to sound critical Daisymae, but we were in a park where a lot of young people go with their children, and I thought ten pounds could make a difference to them.

SpringyChicken Wed 23-Oct-19 21:04:24

Remember green £1 notes? My schoolfriend ran after one on a windy day and stepped on it to catch it. A nearby adult said 'that's my pound note' (it wasn't) so my friend, disappointed, picked it up and handed him his Aero wrapper.

Septimia Wed 23-Oct-19 20:55:45

I found a £20 note in the gutter, soaking wet. Dried it out and discovered the details on it were Russian! Was it supposed to be a forgery to deceive or trick, or was it part of some sort of board game? Even the paper was like blotting paper when it dried.

Daisymae Wed 23-Oct-19 20:51:28

Yes, was attempting to be amusing. It could be a lot of money for someone but I couldn't think why someone would have loose money in that environment. I certainly would have preferred to return it to the owners.

Sara65 Wed 23-Oct-19 20:27:56

My grandson found a ten pound note in the park, we asked everyone there if they had lost it, but no one claimed it.

I felt the opposite, I really worried that someone had lost it earlier, and that ten pounds was a lot for them to lose.

But there wasn’t anything we could do about it, so put it in our charity box at work.

Daisymae Wed 23-Oct-19 20:02:56

Oh right, hadn't thought of that. But that makes sense.

tanith Wed 23-Oct-19 19:34:52

I lost a new fiver out of my coat pocket while walking to the paper shop I agree they are slippery.

EllanVannin Wed 23-Oct-19 19:14:18

It's the new polymer money. When you get a few £10 notes together because they're so very thin they can easily slip away especially if you inadvertently imagine that they're as thick as the paper ones were you can easily mistake two together as just one. They're a nuisance.

Daisymae Wed 23-Oct-19 18:36:47

I found a £10 note! Made attempts to find out if anyone would like to claim but ended up donating it to charity. Strangely enough about this time of year a while back I found another £10 and donated that to the British Legion. Are people so well off around here that they can't keep a hold of their money, it's about a rural environment, no shops etc?