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GabriellaG54 Mon 28-Oct-19 01:17:34

...that driving with pets who are unrestrained could invalidate your insurance and in certain cases land you with a fine of £5k, 9 points or a ban, even if the animal is not the direct cause of an accident involving your vehicle?

Do you drive with your dog on the passenger seat?

Oopsminty Mon 28-Oct-19 01:36:07

Up until recently I sat in the back with my small dog on my knee.

Read about this and we now have a restraint for her. Took a while to get used to it but all's well now.

Makes sense really.

MawB Mon 28-Oct-19 06:34:04

In order


BradfordLass72 Mon 28-Oct-19 08:35:43

It has always astonished me that people who buckle up for their own safety, clearly don't care enough about their dogs to do the same.

As for letting your dog's head poke out of the car window - total lunacy.

GrannyGravy13 Mon 28-Oct-19 08:37:46

Yes, they should be crated in an estate car, or restrained with a "doggy" seat belt on the rear seat.

wildswan16 Mon 28-Oct-19 08:42:55

Waiting to cross the road the other day a car passed me with a spaniel type dog on the driver's lap trying to lick her face. Madness. Good to know it invalidates insurance - should be against the law.

LondonGranny Mon 28-Oct-19 08:45:05

Oh bloody hell. Another excuse for cab drivers refusing to take guide dogs (who are trained to lie in the footwell).

LondonGranny Mon 28-Oct-19 08:48:17

...and contrary to popular wisdom, it's really hard to bring discrimination cases. My husband has never brought a case although he has had grounds tomany times, because he'd have to pay a lawyer to bring the case and it's expensive and time consuming and there's absolutely no guarantee if the aggreived party wins their legal costs that it will ever be paid sad

M0nica Mon 28-Oct-19 09:17:03

Do you drive with your dog on the passenger seat?

No, as I have never owned a dog or a cat or anything larger than a hamster, whch chewed a huge hole in DH's sports jacket when we took it on holiday with us in the car and the jacket accidentally fell over the cage.

We do currently have a seven foot long soft toy alligator. DH always puts it on to the back seat when he takes it to rehearsals each week. I think it would be much more fun to put it on the front passenger seat with the seat belt holding it in place.

merlotgran Mon 28-Oct-19 09:22:02

Our dogs always travel behind a dog guard. If we have to park in a place where there's a lot of traffic I lower the back seat and let them out through the side door one at a time.

Gaunt47 Mon 28-Oct-19 09:32:19

How these regulations are enforced is, of course, a problem.
Dog owners however seem to be confused about the law, citing the illegality of leaving a dog (or 4) in a car as the reason for bringing their pets into cafes and shops.

Grammaretto Mon 28-Oct-19 09:35:01

My cat once escaped from the pet carrier which was strapped onto the seat .We were on the way to the vet, She jumped onto the top of the steering wheel and set the horn going.

henetha Mon 28-Oct-19 09:39:32

On the odd occasion when I take my cockatiel for a drive
she is restrained in her cage.

annep1 Mon 28-Oct-19 10:11:49

If people don't care enough to protect their pets that's their business but unrestrained pets could cause accidents. I too have seen pets on drivers knees. Just ridiculous.

Jane10 Mon 28-Oct-19 10:12:35

Thats kind of you henetha I'm sure the cockatiel enjoys it. Do you go for coffee too? I do hope so!

henetha Mon 28-Oct-19 10:15:22

LOL Jane10. I bet she'd love it! She has once or twice been to the vet, and when I go on holiday I drive her to a friend's house to be cared for while I'm away. She seems to enjoy the journey.

Daisymae Mon 28-Oct-19 11:12:20

Yes, have a seat belt attachment or a create. I don't think that a lot of people know.

Jillybird Mon 28-Oct-19 11:31:04

Indeed, thanks. I didn't know it was illegal either. I don't have a dog but look after other people's quite a lot. I'm happy to say the grandchildren's family bought a crate for their small dog as it keeps him happier in the car whereas they previously had him in the footwell which made him sick. I 've previously insisted other dogs stay in the rear of my estate-type car, which I thought was as safe as possible. Now I'll insist on a crate... Can't think how I'll lift it to get in the car though... Thanks for post.

GinJeannie Mon 28-Oct-19 12:00:02

Rosie cat sits on the front seat in her cat carrier box and secured by the seat belt! That means I can drive her to the vets but also scratch her head and ears to reassure her.....driving one handed most of the time! Does that invalidate my insurance?!

ladymuck Mon 28-Oct-19 12:03:24

This was something I was always arguing with my husband about. He thought simply putting the dog in the back of the car was enough. I pointed out that if he braked suddenly, the dog could come flying through and hit the windscreen. I bought a special safety harness for her, and refused to shut the car door until she was safely secured.

Anthea1948 Mon 28-Oct-19 12:14:47

I didn't know, and apparently neither do our vets, as it was fairly obvious when the vet came out to hour dog (she's a rescue dog and was too nervous to take into the waiting room) that she hadn't been restrained. Maybe notices in vets would be a good idea, to educate patients' owners at least.

jannxxx Mon 28-Oct-19 12:26:55

yes was aware, had dogs all my life and always strapped in the back seat with a proper harness, the amount of people i see with dogs in the front seat, out the window, or even on the dash board is shocking, imagine in an accident!

FlexibleFriend Mon 28-Oct-19 12:28:09

Yes I was aware and my dogs sit between a dog guard and a tailgate guard.

Dianehillbilly1957 Mon 28-Oct-19 12:56:55

My dogs travel in the boot of my hatchback, it's not big enough for a crate, I have a working Cocker Spaniel & a border collie, but I put the rear seat head restraints up to full height & no way can they pass though that. I also have a harness which I've used in the past when the collie had to travel on the rear seat. Comon sense should prevail!!! But there are as usual lots of idiots out there!!!

4allweknow Mon 28-Oct-19 13:10:03

Had a harness for years before last dog died. The thought of her hurling through the air from the back seat if had to stop suddenly just made me cringe. Sometimes look after friend's dog, although she doesn't have a harness I do slip the seat belt through her collar. It's madness to allow animals to not be secured in a moving vehicle.