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Who is your favourite columnist?

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Urmstongran Sat 02-Nov-19 16:43:14

Do you have any?

I’ve just been laughing out loud at today’s Guardian, reading a wonderfully funny article by Grace Dent. (Give yourselves a treat and read it on line - especially continue below the line and read the comments section - hilarious!)

Other favourites of mine are Allison Pearson and Judith Woods in the Telegraph and Sarah Vine and Amanda Platell in the Mail.

LondonGranny Sat 02-Nov-19 16:50:14

I think Grace Dent is great. I really like Gary Younge too but he's less light-hearted. I think his pieces written in the US before he returned to the UK are brilliant.

DanniRae Sat 02-Nov-19 17:15:47

I like Bel Mooney in Saturday's Mail.

Maggiemaybe Sat 02-Nov-19 17:22:40

I do like Grace Dent, but I prefer Hadley Freeman. She's so down to earth and witty. I think she'll be back from maternity leave soon for the Weekend column.

I enjoyed Gary Younge's book about gun crime in the USA (Another Day in the Death of America). It was quite an eye opener.

Urmstongran Sat 02-Nov-19 17:34:25

Yes, I’d forgotten about Gary Younge.

I just love it when you see an article by a columnist you like and think ‘ooh goody!’

Gaunt47 Sat 02-Nov-19 17:40:52

I used to enjoy Joan Smith's work a lot, and her occasional appearances on TV. Can't remember which newspapers she wrote for though confused

LondonGranny Sat 02-Nov-19 17:41:06

I've just checked out Hadley Freeman's columns with a skim-read of subjects. I associated her with fashion which isn't a huge area of interest. Clearly I was wrong about the subjects she covered.

JenniferEccles Sat 02-Nov-19 17:41:18

I like Jan Moir and Richard Littlejohn.

Littlejohn is brilliant at picking up on idiotic’you couldn’t make it up ‘ news items plus daft examples of political correctness.

Grannycool52 Sat 02-Nov-19 17:52:52

I like John Crace's pieces in the Guardian.

BBbevan Sat 02-Nov-19 18:04:04

Hunter Davies. I loved his wife's books, and I now love his dry humour.

Nannylovesshopping Sat 02-Nov-19 18:07:32

I love Liz Jones, want to hug her and shake her all at the same time😂

merlotgran Sat 02-Nov-19 18:18:06

Liz Jones definitely makes me want to shake her.

I like Jan Moir, Hunter Davies, Alison Pearson and sometimes Janet Street Porter especially when she's not pulling any punches.

suziewoozie Sat 02-Nov-19 18:24:58

Marina Hyde, Simon Jenkins - his columns are always so elegantly constructed and well argued he makes you think whether you agree with him or not.

Alima Sat 02-Nov-19 18:31:21

I used to love reading Alan Coren, so funny. Heavens, how long ago was that?

Urmstongran Sat 02-Nov-19 18:35:00

Marina Hyde is brilliant suziewoozie

I have to say as I’m a Leaver her column can make me feel a little uncomfortable .... but our Remain voting daughter insists that’s a GOOD THING.

Scribbles Sat 02-Nov-19 18:37:23

I loved Cassandra, back in the day.

These days, I enjoy Richard Littlejohn.

Nortsat46 Sat 02-Nov-19 18:41:02

I like Jay Rayner’s restaurant reviews.
Marina Hyde.
Tim Downing always makes me smile ... and I enjoy Alison Graham in Radio Times.

suziewoozie Sat 02-Nov-19 18:42:29

Oh yes AG in the RT - great

Anannymous Sat 02-Nov-19 18:57:26

I like Tom Uttley and Littlejohn. Used to love Lynda Lee Potter.

valerieanne216 Sat 02-Nov-19 19:08:04

Julie Birchill was my favourite journalist many years ago.
what a powerful writer she was.

Ilovecheese Sat 02-Nov-19 19:08:18

Me too for Tim Dowling

Urmstongran Sat 02-Nov-19 19:28:28

Julie Burchill has a weekly column now in the Telegraph valerieann

Jessity Sat 02-Nov-19 19:49:07

Melanie Reid and Ann Treneman both in the Times.

Melanie Reid was one of their chat about all sorts columnists till 2010 when she fell off her horse and broke her spine. She now writes about coping or not with life. Sometimes amusing, sometimes brings a lump to the throat.

Ann Treneman was theatre critic till recently, now writes interestingly and sometimes amusingly about life in Derbyshire not all that far from where I live.

LondonGranny Sat 02-Nov-19 19:59:52

Oh I love Nancy Banks-Smith but she rarely writes these days. Fair enough, she's earned a restful retirement, she must be well into her eighties now. Even if you have no idea about the programme she's writing about she's always very very funny.

LondonGranny Sat 02-Nov-19 20:05:03

...and Clive James. You know that poem he wrote about the tree in his garden and how it made him quite calm about his impending death and how it would be carrying on after he shuffled off this mortal coil? He's outlived it!