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Going out for coffee

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NanKate Fri 08-Nov-19 07:52:33

One of the great pleasures in life for me is going out for coffee (and cake 🍰) either on my own or with DH or friends. I have done this since the age of 11 and hope to continue for a few more years.

A friend said to me ‘why go out for coffee when you can have one at home?’. It’s the event for me, watching others, reading the newspaper or a book, doing the sudoku, chatting with friends. We are lucky that we have many cafes in our town.

My favourite is run by Italians who play jazz, 40s music etc softly in the background. DH and I often say it reminds us of when we first met and would go to clubs together, rather nostalgic.

Do you have a favourite cafe and is it an event for you ?

kittylester Fri 08-Nov-19 07:59:25

There's a coffee shop in our village where I have met some really nice people! grin

I don't really have a favourite as I think it's the people I go with who make it special!

travelsafar Fri 08-Nov-19 08:04:53

My sister and i meet every Saturday morning for coffee and a catch up on family news and our lives. Yes, she could come to mine or i could go to hers but we like this little event in our lives. We see people we know who stop and have a chat, then we go for a stroll round the shops before leaving and making arrangements for the following week. It is one of the things i look forward to every

BlueBelle Fri 08-Nov-19 08:17:18

Yes I like going out for coffee (and cake) with various friends
I don’t go on my own usually although I ve got nothing against that but I pay for the joy of the company I can’t justify paying to be on my own, but that’s just me I would if I was very bored at home

sodapop Fri 08-Nov-19 08:22:46

That's right travelasfar it is a small event in our lives but so enjoyable. Nice to get out, meet friends and enjoy the cake ( and coffee)

dragonfly46 Fri 08-Nov-19 08:24:26

Yes we like going out for coffee and always include it in the weekly shop. With friends we always finish our walks with a coffee. It is a bit of a joke in our town that when a shop closes a coffee bar or pub opens in its place so we are inundated with places to go. The drawback is all the loyalty cards you have to carry!

Yiayia4 Fri 08-Nov-19 08:29:10

We have all the usual chains in our town but we go to a nice little coffee shop owned by two lovely polish ladies,go with DH and sometimes meet friends, yummy cakes.

BlueSapphire Fri 08-Nov-19 08:29:23

Yes, love going out for coffee; it is something to look forward to, and means I get out of the house. Even if I am shopping on my own I always have a coffee out somewhere.

BlueBelle Fri 08-Nov-19 08:33:57

I would add that I never use the chains (Costa,Starbucks etc etc) just independent cafes

Anniebach Fri 08-Nov-19 09:11:28

I so miss going out for coffee

Grammaretto Fri 08-Nov-19 09:18:29

Oh yes, I go out for coffee (and a bowl of soup) at least twice a week. Usually the same ones but sometimes try a new one. With my trusty bus pass, I can be exploring a new area anytime.

The culture has changed and for the better. When my DC were young, I would never dream of going out for a coffee with them.
Now you see yummy mummies in Costa, John Lewis and Starbucks happily chatting and breastfeeding their infants.
I can sadly recall having to sit in the ladies loo in a department store, - to feed a screaming child.

NanKate Fri 08-Nov-19 09:35:38

Me too Kitty. Hope to repeat it next year. 👍

Annie there may be a day when your wish comes true. I sincerely hope it does 💐

Gonegirl Fri 08-Nov-19 09:44:02

I used to occasionally pop into a coffee shop for coffee and cake, but as I've got older I seem to have gone off cake a bit. I don't think it's any fun on your own though, and I've only got my bike to get about on and that's getting harder.

Still do it when son or daughter is home. Usually shortbread for me. Love shop shortbread. The prices they charge are astronomical though. hmm

Gonegirl Fri 08-Nov-19 09:45:25

Should have said - DH is definitely not a coffee and cake out man. (we go out to lunch once a week though)

Squiffy Fri 08-Nov-19 10:43:21

Annie The day will come when you will go out for coffee smile

jaylucy Fri 08-Nov-19 10:49:58

I'm a people watcher so quite happy to find a corner spot and take my time over a hot chocolate either on my own or with a friend.
When I was working full time, I often did it - as I worked on Saturdays, my day off was either Friday or Monday when everybody else was at work so it was an excuse to get out of the house in my own time, without having to be somewhere at a specific time.

Specky Fri 08-Nov-19 10:57:57

Annie.. Im sorry you can't get out for a coffee ... i don't know your situation but could the 'coffee shop' come to your house, in a you hosting a macmillan coffee morning type of way?

Pantglas2 Fri 08-Nov-19 12:37:29

Don’t stop for a coffee in north Wales with DH but will have breakfast or brunch as it seems better value and usually at an independent rather than a chain.

Just called in at a bodega for coffees and a rather large brandy for DH and it came to..... €3.20! Would have cost £10 in uk which is why we don’t do it often.

TerriBull Fri 08-Nov-19 14:19:50

I once had a very bad coffee habit shock and it was in Costa hmm then we discovered an independent that we liked better. We, husband and I, reckoned we were spending in excess of £30 a weeek on coffees out! Then one of our kids bought us a coffee pod machine for Christmas and hey presto we found we actually liked our favourite pod better than coffees out, I'd never thought I'd say that because my late father-in-law trotted out the whole "why go out for coffee when you can have one at home" Why? "because I like a proper coffee as opposed to instant" would have been my reply to that back then.

So coffee out is not so important to me these days, although I do like a really good flat white. Since the "not paying their fair share of tax" accusation levied at some of the chains, I always head for an independent now. I notice a couple of Waterstones I go to, in different towns, (favourite shop) now have their own in house coffee shop rather than the ubiquitous Costa. Oh God bloody Costa they're everywhere my nearest town has about 4 of them hmm I feel about that brand the way I do about Rod Stewart can't believe I liked them once!

J52 Fri 08-Nov-19 14:38:05

We have a great one in our village, it’s also a gift shop selling up market artistic creations! I can’t think of a different way to describe them.
They also run creative courses and hold live Jazz evenings once a month. A great asset.
In our Market town there are several coffee shops, but my favourite is tucked away down an alley, in a listed building. It has a lovely courtyard and is so relaxing away from the hustle and bustle.

lemongrove Fri 08-Nov-19 14:38:08

Yes, it’s enjoyable, but more the meeting up with friends and chat than the coffee and cake tbh.
Plus, coffee and cake around here is about £6-7 per person.
It must be the biggest money spinner ever for cafes!

NanKate Fri 08-Nov-19 14:41:32

Lemongrove I often take my own cake with me and just buy the coffee. I never eat a whole slice of cake just a third and that makes it more economical - sorted 😉🍰

lemongrove Fri 08-Nov-19 14:43:34

When we visit The Aston Pottery near us, to buy gifts DH is always after coffee and cake, and have to admit, the cake slices are very large and very yummy..... so my thrifty self gives in.

lemongrove Fri 08-Nov-19 14:45:03

Haha, NanKate...I have a vision of you sneaking your own cake in ( wrapped up in your handbag.)

Nanny27 Fri 08-Nov-19 15:23:31

DH and I love stopping off when out for coffee and cake. Not the chains though, neither of us like Costa coffee. We always hunt down the smaller independents.