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The Boots Christmas Ad.

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NanKate Sat 09-Nov-19 07:33:57

Just been given an advanced viewing of the Boots Christmas advertisement. IMO it is absolutely awful just a mish mash of scenes. It doesn’t feel Christmassy at all it’s just about consumerism. I realise they are trying to sell their products but for me I would give it 0 out of 10. I wonder what others may think when it is released tomorrow.

Not a robin in sight 😕

cornergran Sat 09-Nov-19 07:44:20

Totally agree nankate, it didn't appeal to me at all. I also had a preview and stopped it half way through.

Cherrytree59 Sat 09-Nov-19 09:20:29

I rarely watch 'live' TV, so the Ad would have probably passed me by.
However being quite nosy, I have checked it online and agree Nankate awful!

Shouting does not draw me in, quite the opposite .
Not very 🎄☃️🎅.

Gonegirl Sat 09-Nov-19 09:23:37

I haven't seen a good Xmas ad this year at all. They're all more rubbishy than usual. Perhaps the big stores will bring out their best ones nearer the time.

BlueBelle Sat 09-Nov-19 09:23:40

Can’t be arsxx with any Christmas adverts before December at earliest

annsixty Sat 09-Nov-19 09:24:46

I haven’t seen it yet but the Asda one is awful too.

Nortsat46 Sat 09-Nov-19 09:24:47

I googled it too.
I found it completely disengaging...

shysal Sat 09-Nov-19 09:25:58

Just watched it, what rubbish! I hate the ads where people spout and shout!

JessK Sat 09-Nov-19 09:28:42

I think these expensive Christmas ads seem to have had their day. They seem to have run out of new ideas but lets wait until the John Lewis one has been released. They are usually the best of the bunch.

Parsley3 Sat 09-Nov-19 09:34:29

I watched it, thanks shysal, and it is more like a trailer for a horror film than a Christmas ad. Dreadful choice by someone.

BlueBelle Sat 09-Nov-19 09:38:53

Just watched the link, awful, loud, obnoxious and a complete put off

Maggiemaybe Sat 09-Nov-19 09:51:05

I haven’t seen it, but none of the Christmas adverts so far have appealed to me at all. There hasn’t been a single one yet that’s made me feel Christmassy. I’m just hoping John Lewis can still tug at my heartstrings. smile

Oopsminty Sat 09-Nov-19 09:55:48

I've seen it. Awful.

I must say I rather like Walkers Crisps.

Mariah Carey is a hoot.

She gets her diva press but I saw her years ago being interviewed by Paul O'Grady.

Hilarious woman .

annodomini Sat 09-Nov-19 10:40:18

I heard, from the horse's mouth, as it were, that the JL ad had been leaked, but so far, no more has been said, so perhaps they plugged the leak in time. Surely it can't be worse than the present bunch!

Calendargirl Sat 09-Nov-19 11:26:01

I liked the Aldi one where Kevin the Carrot? escaped with Tommy Tomato? and booted out the Brussels Sprout, don’t know his name.

Oopsminty Sat 09-Nov-19 11:31:03

Oh Kevin the carrot is back!

It's rather good. Robbie Williams tune

JackyB Sat 09-Nov-19 11:56:03

I've just had a look at it. I think they miss the point.

JackyB Sat 09-Nov-19 11:56:19

And why do Boots need to advertise anyway?

Greenfinch Sat 09-Nov-19 12:37:17

Why do any of them need cc asa Chritmas advert ?

glammanana Sat 09-Nov-19 12:48:05

Cheers for Kevin the Carrot.
Waiting for JL advert.
Its Christmas when the Coke a Cola train arrives on screen.

Maggiemaybe Sat 09-Nov-19 12:54:43

I think John Lewis might be the only one still to keep to the convention of not showing their advert till Remembrance Day's over. I hope they do, anyway. It's always the best one by far, imho.

ninathenana Sat 09-Nov-19 14:19:00

As you say NanKate purely about consumerism.
I'm not religious but shame on you Boots

Gonegirl Sat 09-Nov-19 14:20:25

Well i don't think much of this Marks and Sparks one. I won't be doing the "shoulder roll", even though Marks and Sparks are putting out instructions on how to do it.

Oh, it's all for noise loving young people these days.

J52 Sat 09-Nov-19 15:12:52

The M&S one is dreadful, I don’t know who it’s aimed at, the music is rap, the people are mostly youngsters who wouldn’t shop there and the jumpers are dreadful. I doubt they’ll encourage anyone to buy them as presents.
If I get one it’ll be exchanged grin

NanKate Sat 09-Nov-19 16:54:46

I agree M and S ad pretty awful too, the only bit I liked was the dog barking at the end.

I’m trying to find an email address for Boots HQ to send in my complaint.