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love0c Fri 15-Nov-19 16:07:04

Silly post really. Just wanted to say hello to people and for people to say hello to me. Feeling a bit lonely.

B9exchange Fri 15-Nov-19 16:09:45

Hello to you, and I am sure you will get many more friendly greetings! Poor you, has something happened to make you feel particularly lonely? flowers

Oopsminty Fri 15-Nov-19 16:10:30

Hello, love0c!

Gonegirl Fri 15-Nov-19 16:12:37

Hello love0c.

How the feck are you? smile x

Jangran99 Fri 15-Nov-19 16:15:03

Hello loveOc, you never need be lonely. Pop on here any time for a chat, join in a game, add to a thread that interests you. You’ll soon wonder where the time went😄

Gaunt47 Fri 15-Nov-19 16:18:10

Not a silly post at all smile In fact IMO it's a sensible one if you want to reach out - you'll now get all sorts of kind and friendly messages.
Although I have to say I thought it might be spam when I clicked on the title blush
I'm sorry you feel lonely. So hello to you too!!

Nannylovesshopping Fri 15-Nov-19 16:18:11

Hi loveOc sorry to hear you are feeling lonely today, this misog weather doesn’t help anybody’s spirits! About to cheer myself up with a rather early gin, well it’s very dark outside so it feels much later, my excuse and I’m sticking to it, hope you get lots of responses on this thread, gransnetters are a kindly lot especially on soops kitchen🙂

kittylester Fri 15-Nov-19 16:20:29

Welcome! Have a look around and join some of the threads!

Anniebach Fri 15-Nov-19 16:21:01

Hello , you won’t be lonely here

NanKate Fri 15-Nov-19 16:27:54

Check out the Good Morning thread Love lovely people on there every day and you will be given a warm welcome and a great laugh from Marydoll. Please join us.

love0c Fri 15-Nov-19 16:36:57

Thank you to all you friendly people out there! I have taken your advice. Poured myself a glass of red wine, joined in a game and chatted about recipes. Sooo glad I posted!!! I will join in the morning thread tomorrow too,

Luckygirl Fri 15-Nov-19 16:37:15

Hello and welcome. Looking forward to more posts from you.

NannyJan53 Fri 15-Nov-19 16:57:29

Hello and welcome love0c

Looking forwarding to seeing you on the good morning thread tomorrow.

Susieq62 Fri 15-Nov-19 17:01:25

So pleased you are feeling better. I think you can be surrounded by friends /family and still feel lonely.

genie10 Fri 15-Nov-19 17:04:42

Hello LoveOc. Lots on here to take your mind off feeling alone.

love0c Fri 15-Nov-19 17:05:26

Very true Susie62. Feeling lonely comes from a feeling within oneself I find.

Brunette10 Fri 15-Nov-19 17:20:35

Hello loveOc - welcome hope you are enjoying your little chat smile - glass of wine sounds lovely but I'm afraid I have my 2 x DGS's staying overnight so in middle of making fish, chips and peas for tea. Would love to join you maybe another time. Enjoy!

Mapleleaf Fri 15-Nov-19 17:38:43

Hello, loveOc and welcome to GN.

suzette1613 Fri 15-Nov-19 17:55:41

Hello as well, LoveOc, you will be made very welcome here I know.

It`s awful when you feel lonely, everything seems black and hopeless, wine helps!

I hope to read your posts again soon, cheerful or not.

grannyactivist Fri 15-Nov-19 18:05:41

And it's a 'hello' from me too. smile Do come back and tell us how you're feeling tomorrow - and don't be afraid to stick in your two penn'orth on the other threads. grin

Cherrytree59 Fri 15-Nov-19 18:12:56

love0c Hello and good evening.👋
Please come back and have a chat.

love0c Fri 15-Nov-19 18:17:07

Just enjoyed a 'dine in' and enjoying another glass of wine. Some good things on TV tonight so that will keep me occupied. Thanks everyone!

SueDonim Fri 15-Nov-19 22:10:37

Hello, Love0c! smile

Sara65 Fri 15-Nov-19 22:14:26

Hello love0c

Nice to meet you, pleased you’ve had nice evening.

Opal Fri 15-Nov-19 22:17:40

Hi love0c, looking forward to chatting to you on here smile.