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Free e-magazines

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Littleannie Tue 19-Nov-19 14:46:33

I live in Cheshire. Our library now offers free e-magazines, so probably other counties do too. Go to your council website, look for your library, then e-magazines, which will direct you to the Magzter website. Then just log in with your e-mail, a password, council and library card number.
There are about 60 titles to choose from. Woman's Own, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, Ideal Home, cookery, wildlife, photography, sport, art, outdoors, science, history, gardening, music, crafts, Countryfile, National Geographic, etc.
Something for everybody, and FREE!

Gymstagran Tue 19-Nov-19 15:59:18

Dudley libraries do this too. I hope this facility is used frequently.

Floradora9 Tue 19-Nov-19 15:59:31

I get them automatically every week once I have asked for them . It is great to be able to skim through without feeling bad about the cost.

Jessity Tue 19-Nov-19 16:12:58

Sheffield libraries also offer this. Like Floradora9 I enjoy being able to flick through magazines without paying extra.

Very useful too when going on holiday, I enjoy being able to read a magazine on my iPad on a plane journey.

Cherrytree59 Tue 19-Nov-19 17:18:43

Thank you for the reminder Littleannie.👍

At present l have Amazon prime, which also provides free
e -magazines to download. as well as free monthly books and of course music.

However after Christmas and the New year. I may consider cancelling my membership and will then use our local library for e-magazines and also audiobooks.