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What to do?

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Luckygirl Sun 08-Dec-19 10:48:08

You all know that my OH is in a NH with advanced PD and has been very paranoid recently.

He was less so when I visited yesterday and in the course of conversation he expressed a strong desire to have a visit home.

The practical issues will be difficult as all his nursing equipment is no longer here. We would have difficulty in even sitting him somewhere as his riser/recliner is now at the home. He can only sit in his wheelchair for very short periods without becoming an uncomfortable crumpled heap. We could organise a convene catheter and leg bag, but if he needed his bowels open we would have huge difficulty trying to transfer him safely, even with several family helpers.

My biggest worry is that it might make him sad. He will have forgotten how difficult things were when he was at home. And it will probably make me sad too!

But, he is a grown adult and needs to have choices.

What to do?

inkcog Sun 08-Dec-19 10:50:02

sent you PM, Lucky.

MissAdventure Sun 08-Dec-19 10:56:10

I would think it might cause more upset than happiness, but that's just my opinion.

Does he still have input from the PD nurse?
She may be best able to advise.