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chocolates in the Christmas Tins

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infoman Thu 12-Dec-19 10:21:19

If any one is struggling to locate the Christmas chocolates in tins here is what I have found.
Sainsburys not doing them
Tescos has Q.S. in a gold tin and Morrisons has three different makes of chocolates in tins.
Cannot comment on Asda Lidl or Aldi.
The tin versions are becoming difficult to locate.
Although the plastic ones are £3:50p the tin ones are £6:00p.
Maybe if we only bought the tin versions,the plastic ones might be half price on Christmas Eve.

Persistentdonor Thu 12-Dec-19 10:38:51

I do try to re-use the plastic boxes rather than throw them out. Probably best not to buy them at all. tchsad

ayse Thu 12-Dec-19 10:39:26

I found tins in Morrisons and as you say they were more expensive than those in plastic. It makes me cross that there is little choice and plastic is everywhere.

I do reuse plastic sweet tins (😬) but I wish they were square. So much easier to store

Teetime Thu 12-Dec-19 10:52:34

I liked the tins - we used them as cake tins for years. When I was at school and if you did Domestic Science you needed to take one with you to bring you cooking home - before Tupperware.

ayse Thu 12-Dec-19 11:38:18

At least the plastic boxes are reusable unlike plastic coated paper and single use plastics. I’m a bit of a dinosaur and believe that many old fashioned way of life was preferable to rampant consumerism.

Riverwalk Thu 12-Dec-19 12:31:15

I'm just sorting through the bits of crap Xmas baubles and lights some of which are stored in a Cadbury's Rose tin which says best before 1997.

The tin looks twice the height of current ones but standard for the time - content states 1.9kg, excluding wrappings, probably half as much these days!

Greyduster Thu 12-Dec-19 13:00:40

I always find a use for the plastic boxes, and the tins were always pressed into service. I wouldn’t be prepared to pay extra for tins because the chocolates are pretty awful these days - especially Roses. And, as Riverwalk says, by changing the shape of the box, they can reduce the weight of the contents without reducing the price! Unfortunately, DH likes them🙄.

PamelaJ1 Thu 12-Dec-19 13:11:26

Info man- at £1.25p that would mean we could all get fat very cheaply😂

ayse Thu 12-Dec-19 13:22:57

I don’t buy Cadbury anymore. They are disgusting and made with cheaper ingredients. I told DH I’d rather have a small box of lovely chocolates rather than a big container with unpleasant rubbish.

PamelaJ1 Thu 12-Dec-19 13:47:07

ayes- have they changed the ingredients or have we just got more sophisticated tastes these days? Like you I want my calories to be amazingly delicious.

Gonegirl Thu 12-Dec-19 13:49:10

They only encourage piggy-ness anyway. Avoid them. Just get a couple of boxes of some good quality chocolates.

infoman Mon 16-Dec-19 19:20:07

If your an eco-warrior and hell bent on buying the expensive chocolaters in Tins.
Tescos have purple Quality street in tins down to five pounds.
Same price as plastic tubs,at least tin is easier to recycle.