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Gorgeous early bulbs

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Lisagran Fri 13-Dec-19 14:37:50

Potted up these Paperwhite Narcissi a while ago and they’re just flowering now. They smell wonderful!

Fennel Fri 13-Dec-19 14:44:07

Gives us hope, Lisa.
My sister gave me an amaryllis bulb a few weeks ago, and it's sprouting well. On a SE facing windowsill.

Lisagran Fri 13-Dec-19 14:54:21

Yes, Fennel, bulbs always seem to represent hope don’t they?

annodomini Fri 13-Dec-19 15:14:27

The red amaryllis I bought just six weeks ago is growing fast on a south-west window-sill and has two huge buds. The smaller white one is also growing well.

AllotmentLil Fri 13-Dec-19 22:13:22

Absolutely beautiful Lisagran - I love Paperwhites, we used to grow them in primary school. smile

lemongrove Fri 13-Dec-19 23:22:04

Where are your jugs Lisa 😃 innuendo intended!

lemongrove Fri 13-Dec-19 23:23:05

Spring bulbs already through in the garden...I keep telling them to go back in, too early.😱

Lisagran Sat 14-Dec-19 02:31:44

Ah yes Lemongrove, you always liked my jugs didn’t you grin. Yes, same here re garden bulbs - they’ll be surprised if it snows!

SueDonim Sat 14-Dec-19 12:26:33

I have some paper whites coming through. Also some hyacinths. We’re away for Xmas but I hope they’ll be ready to brighten and scent the house shortly afterwards.

Yesterday I drive along a country road where snowdrops abound in winter and was just thinking that in six to weight weeks, they’ll be nodding their beautiful heads in the verges, a sign of hope.

annep1 Sat 14-Dec-19 16:04:50

Lots of primroses in my garden.

annep1 Sat 14-Dec-19 16:07:06

They do look lovely Lisagran

Namsnanny Sat 14-Dec-19 16:10:24

Gorgeous and such a sweet scent!

Thanks for the photo smile

TrendyNannie6 Sat 14-Dec-19 16:14:28

They look great

janipat Sat 14-Dec-19 18:32:40

I've given a friend a box kit of Paperwhite bulbs, hope hers grow as beautifully as yours. Lovely photos, thanks for sharing.

Kalu Sat 14-Dec-19 20:58:06

I have this years amaryllis coming along nicely but completely forgot about paperwhites. Probably too late now😢

annodomini Sat 14-Dec-19 21:23:21

The aforementioned Amaryllis has grown at least 4 inches since my last post. When will it stop?