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First date with anyone - success or disaster ?

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NanKate Sat 14-Dec-19 20:46:09

This question was asked on BBC Saturday Live this morning with some very funny/strange answers.

When my DH of 48 years took me out for a meal on our first date I could hardly eat a thing with nerves. Anyone who knows me now can confirm I enjoy my food, this was very out of character.

What about you ?

Septimia Sat 14-Dec-19 21:00:05

On my first date with DH he took me up St Catherine's Hill near Winchester on the pretext that he wanted to take photos for a project. We sat down when we got to the top and he took my hand to help me up again - and didn't let go of it all the way back.

That was some 48 years ago and we've been married for more than 44 of them. I think it was successful......

Greyduster Sat 14-Dec-19 21:28:35

When DH and I first met, we went for a drink to a nice local pub in order to get to know each other. Roger Moore was sitting in a corner with a pint and a newspaper! Yes, THE Roger Moore - it was his local. Of course, I only had eyes for him...... how on Earth we’ve managed to stay married for 53 years when my head is turned so easily I really don’t know!😁

NanKate Sat 14-Dec-19 21:57:34

My mother was very protective of me and when I asked her if I could go into Birmingham with my friend Roger she was very easy about it. I didn’t realise until years later that he was gay and that was why she was more than happy for me to spend time with him.

It was at the time when duffle coats were popular and he had a bright red one. I was so naive and his flamboyant outfits meant nothing to me. I was very fond of him. I wonder if he became the actor he wanted to be.

kircubbin2000 Sat 14-Dec-19 22:02:51

I had a blind date with a divorced man a few years ago. He was very good looking but his conversation consisted of discussing how long my journey was, which route I had driven and what the traffic was like.🙄
After about half an hour I excused myself to go to the bathroom and when I came out he had gone!