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Small pleasures

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Yehbutnobut Wed 01-Jan-20 12:41:22

The feel and smell of clean sheets.
A favourite programme returning to TV
Coffee and cake with a friend
Discovering a new author with a series of books to enjoy
A hug from those I love.

What are just a few of your small pleasures?

chicken Wed 01-Jan-20 12:46:40

A quiet time all by myself.
Seeing a room restored to order out of chaos.
The first primrose in spring.
The return of the swallows in summer.
Stroking my cat and hearing him purr.

Juliet27 Wed 01-Jan-20 12:52:53

Ditto to both of your pleasures although I've no cat but I do love my dog curling up under the duvet with me.....I'm sure he'd purr if he could!

lemongrove Wed 01-Jan-20 13:43:44

Yes, all those things, plus
The first real warmth of Summer
Eating our first home grown warm tomatoes
Seeing a horse rolling in a field
Feeding crumbled digestive biscuits to a friend’s hens ( it’s the way they all run up to me, with a fast side to side sort of gallop.)😁
Making DGS laugh
A shared look of understanding with DH
A sparkling bathroom ( should clean more often)

ExD1938 Wed 01-Jan-20 15:04:34

Being able to 'just sit', alone and quiet and content.

kittylester Wed 01-Jan-20 15:15:12

All the above.

Today I have the house to myself and I have cooked the supper put it in the oven and now I will sit in peace ir catch up on tv. I wouldn't like it for long but really enjoy it when I get the chance.

A lovely cup of tea in a china mug.

Now, anyone up for changing my sheets to make my day complete?

Willynilly Wed 01-Jan-20 15:28:27

A sleeping grandchild.
Feeling the sun on your face.
Standing under a steaming hot shower.
Having just ‘5 more minutes’ under the duvet.

lemon I too loved the running waddle of hens when I kept them. Still makes me smile to think of my girls.

Urmstongran Wed 01-Jan-20 15:32:22

Feeling better after being unwell.
Hearing the laughter of children.
Sitting in companiable silence with my husband whilst we read our books.
Hearing the cork go ‘pop’ when opening wine.
Clean pj’s getting into fresh sheets.
Choosing a new book to read.
Finding money in a pocket I’d forgotten about.

TwiceAsNice Wed 01-Jan-20 15:32:38

Most of the above.
A cup of tea in peace with cat on lap
A glass of wine and a new series on the tele
Reading a new book, preferably on the sun in the summer
Baking with the grandchildren
Chatting with my daughter

annep1 Wed 01-Jan-20 15:32:43

Watching the sunset over the hills from my bedroom window.
Looking at the primroses surrounding the Buddha at the bottom of the garden.

vinasol Wed 01-Jan-20 15:36:36

Driving to Loch Lomond, only half an hour away.
A nice chilled glass of wine and packet of crisps!
Time with my children and partner, particularly holidays.
A nice hot bath.
Walking with my walking group.

SalsaQueen Wed 01-Jan-20 22:28:03

Getting into clean sheets.
Having a nice hot bath and shaving my legs!
Cuddling up with my cat (Mr Cooper)
My granddaughters telling me that I'm lovely smile
Seeing the house all clean and tidy.
Getting home to the warmth when I've been out somewhere cold.
Putting my fluffy socks on in the evening.

lemongrove Wed 01-Jan-20 22:34:46

I like the name of your cat Salsa presume he’s a marmalade?

MamaCaz Wed 01-Jan-20 22:52:40

A lovely sunrise across the fields behind our house.
Seeing the first lambs playing in those fields each spring.
A lovely sunset over in the other direction.

Gemini1789 Wed 01-Jan-20 22:58:39

Waking up and realising I’ve got a free day .

Yehbutnobut Wed 01-Jan-20 23:03:02

So many here’s that I like too. And I’m going to try to make sure I have as many of these simple pleasures dotted across my week. Things to appreciate, anticipate and participate in.

That’s what life is about.

Just cuddling a warm fluffy hot water bottle now

Witzend Wed 01-Jan-20 23:29:17

Going to bed with a cup of tea and a good read. Especially if I remembered to put the electric blanket on first.

WOODMOUSE49 Thu 02-Jan-20 00:16:47

New fluffy socks
Clean bed sheets etc
Stroking my dog's amazingly silky soft ears
Vase of flowers I have grown from seed
Sunrise or sunset over our cottage
Listening to the waves

+ most of all the touch of DH holding my hand (even in bedsmile)