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Do you have a favourite day of the week

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TrendyNannie6 Tue 07-Jan-20 17:09:06

For us it’s always been fridays. Generally see our family, fish n chip supper bliss, oh the simple things in life,

nipsmum Sun 12-Jan-20 11:36:01

As a nurse all my working life I don't love one day in particular but I do enjoy having evenings in doing things I like. I used to spend Saturday mornings cooking for the rest of the week and Friday afternoons baking when my girls were little. I do hate Mondays.

marpau Sun 12-Jan-20 12:01:13

Monday for me we really enjoy having the DGC and numerous activities we do but love Mondays when there are no activities or childcare even though this is housework day

EllieB52 Sun 12-Jan-20 12:08:11

Tuesday when husband golfs and neighbourhood kids are at school. Bliss!

moobox Sun 12-Jan-20 12:09:07

No favourite day. Isn't it great when you don't have to go to work!

Tillybelle Sun 12-Jan-20 12:13:50

Saturday. Since following the Amazing Discoveries - Video on Demand series of talks by Walter Veith (I recommend "Total Onslaught" to start with), I have dedicated Saturday as the Sabbath and spend the day devoted to God and trying to stay in touch with Him, by watching such things online as the Amazing Discoveries series and learning what I can. The day has a very special quality for me.

Knittynatter Sun 12-Jan-20 12:31:07

Wednesdays - I only work 4 days and on Wednesdays I have grandchildren to mind, although Sundays are a close second as one of the grandchildren is becoming a regular that day as well!

sarahellenwhitney Sun 12-Jan-20 12:37:54

Could be any day and depends on whether the sky is blue, sunshinesunshine, not blowing a gale and stopped raining.

Tigertooth Sun 12-Jan-20 12:55:30

Used to be fridays but now I’m not we irking definitely Monday’s

Chimaera Sun 12-Jan-20 13:04:19

No - husband is working 6 days a week, his day off is a weekday, so I'm always either working or doing housework at the weekends - he doesn't get home before 8 and I'm out before 7 in the morning - every day is a work day now in one way or another. Oh well! confused

GrandmasueUK Sun 12-Jan-20 13:21:26

Since I retired from teaching I love Wednesdays. It was always Staff Meeting then and the hours seemed to drag! Some retired friends and I meet up fairly regularly and we love going to the pub for lunch on Wednesday.

Saggi Sun 12-Jan-20 13:26:31

Wednesday at the moment ...that’s the day I usually see my best friend for lunch.....the most enjoyable 2/3 hours of my week.

Growing0ldDisgracefully Sun 12-Jan-20 13:36:20

Like Mamacaz and a few others I used to spend Sundays feeling miserable at the prospect of returning to work on Mondays but since retiring every day is generally a good day now, but especially when the sun is shining 🌞

frankie74 Sun 12-Jan-20 13:50:04

Not really now that I'm retired. But my favourite day when I was working used to be Wednesday. By evening I used to tell myself I was more than halfway through the week!!

grannyrebel7 Sun 12-Jan-20 13:59:48

I love Sundays - church in the morning, a walk and then coffee in the park with DH, home to cook traditional roast and then flop in front of the TV for the rest of the day! Love it!

grannysyb Sun 12-Jan-20 14:05:17

I love Sundays, get up a bit later, breakfast with two papers! then to allotment fir a bit of work, to our allotment cafe for coffee and cake and lots of chat, a bit more work then home for lunch. We generally have a roast in the evenings and then relax staring at the box!

Notagranyet1234 Sun 12-Jan-20 14:14:13

I worked in retail and only got 1:4 weekends off for a number of years. I changed careers in November just gone and no longer have to work weekends/Bank Holidays I love my Saturdays. The bliss of being able to not set an alarm and have to get up early for work (I am an owl not a lark) then pottering, having conversations with my resident AC doing a bit of shopping, catching up with laundry and being a bit of a domestic goddess is my idea of heaven

sharon103 Sun 12-Jan-20 15:09:03

Fridays. No cooking as we have a take away and I don't know why but I love having my Morrisons delivery at tea time.
Perhaps it's because I have my favourite treat, a pack of two big chocolate cherry sauce and cream muffins.
Or perhaps I just need to get a life grin

NewHere Sun 12-Jan-20 15:14:34

Always Saturday, day off with hubby, Sunday still to look forward to and always a wander in town, coffee, football results and a nice dinner, either at home or out!! As a kid, even tho I wasn't a football fan, the footy results being read out (whilst Dad checked his pools coupon) signalled a great evening ahead. Still love hearing them now!! Motherwell 2, Partick Thistle 0 😂

Lilyflower Sun 12-Jan-20 16:34:38

When I worked Friday evening with the evening and the whole weekend to look forward to was the best time. I thought this would be at an end when I retired, but no, it’s still lovely. The weekdays and weekend still feel separate and different.

angie95 Sun 12-Jan-20 16:45:15

Any day my husband is off smile

moggie57 Sun 12-Jan-20 18:33:48

prefer wednesdays .day off during the do all the jobs that need doing ......nice to lounge around ...

Vivian123 Sun 12-Jan-20 20:12:30

Any day that I wake up and find I'm still alive, is a good day for me. Nothing better than knowing that I am still here! I worry about the day that I wake up and find I'm no longer in the land of the living.

GreenGran78 Mon 13-Jan-20 01:26:18

My DH used to work ‘continental shifts, so my days were all over the place. Now I’m long retired, and widowed, I love Monday and Wednesday evenings, in particular, when I have choir practice. Sing is so uplifting.

GreenGran78 Mon 13-Jan-20 01:27:09


Bluebird64 Mon 13-Jan-20 07:24:45

Any day that ends in a 'y' is fine by me!!