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Hildagard Wed 15-Jan-20 10:03:05

Just a random question How often do you wear perfume? I realised that though I have a bottle of very nice perfume, I only put it on when I am going out of an evening! It’s going to last for ever, so a late resolution I will wear it every day , put it on when I clean my teeth!

GrannyGravy13 Wed 15-Jan-20 10:04:30

I use perfume/fragrance every day, put it on automatically.

LadyGracie Wed 15-Jan-20 10:08:38

I use it when I go out, even to go shopping, part of my routine, bit of make up, brush hair, little spray of perfume.

ladymuck Wed 15-Jan-20 10:10:52

I love 4711. Old-fashioned, I know, but it's a light refreshing fragrance. I use it all the time, and spray it on my hankies and underwear.

annsixty Wed 15-Jan-20 10:12:59

I love perfume but am now very aware that it doesn’t stay on me.
I wonder if this happens at a certain age as it never used to.
Perhaps with older skin the oil dries out and that is needed to mix with the scent to bring it out.
I really regret it but am saving money!!

grannysue05 Wed 15-Jan-20 10:15:40

Yes...every day. It is part of getting dressed. Brush hair, spray on my favourite perfume of the moment (not too much!).
I feel odd without it. It just feels good to smell nice.

Nico97 Wed 15-Jan-20 10:15:45

Every day as part of hair and make up routine.

janipat Wed 15-Jan-20 10:16:09

I have worn perfume practically every day of my life since I was about 14. The first ones were Avon given to me at Christmas and birthday by my grandmother and aunts. Even at school friends would comment how I always smelled nice. My tastes have changed since those early days, but I still get compliments on my perfumes. I think the secret is to use a little not bathe in the stuff! It's just part of my morning routine, something I don't even think about.

NotSpaghetti Wed 15-Jan-20 10:18:43

Almost every day... but I do need several so that I can choose which one!

NanaandGrampy Wed 15-Jan-20 10:23:27

I wear perfume every day, as soon as I’ve cleaned my teeth I spray it on. I don’t bother with make up mostly but perfume is a must 😁

JessK Wed 15-Jan-20 10:38:35

Like others - every day. I wouldn't feel ready to face the world without it.

Teetime Wed 15-Jan-20 10:59:24

Every day - perks me up and I like to smell nice.

jusnoneed Wed 15-Jan-20 11:07:31

Very rarely these days, never even think of putting any on.
I think I find a lot of them smell so strong, often going round the supermarket you get this smack of someones heavy perfume.
I don't like strong smelling things as I get older - hate smelly candles for instance, even rush past them in the shops.

harrigran Wed 15-Jan-20 11:07:33

Part of the daily routine, moisturise and then spray perfume. If I go out during the day I may spray a little more before leaving the house.
I too have noticed that perfume does not seem to last as long on the skin, maybe it is just me and others can smell it. I use a lot of Jo Malone and it used to linger for ages.

Hildagard Wed 15-Jan-20 12:24:40

Looks like my new regime is long overdue!

JenniferEccles Wed 15-Jan-20 12:33:14

I think we all need to be aware that we get used to certain smells including perfume, so the temptation is to put more and more on.

The problem then of course is that others recoil from the strong smell as I often do when I come across a strong aroma!

I only wear it when I go out somewhere special.

At the moment I am searching for a rose scented one if anyone has any suggestions.

annep1 Wed 15-Jan-20 12:36:33

Every day. I have about six to choose from. Two are my mum's favourites. And one reminds me of being young if I'm feeling nostalgic. Other than that just the scent.

Hildagard Wed 15-Jan-20 13:09:55

Still on the same subject, how long can you keep perfume?

MerylStreep Wed 15-Jan-20 13:15:11

When it smells rank 😄

GrandmaJan Wed 15-Jan-20 13:15:26

Hildagard I was told it’s up to 5 years if stored out of sunlight

SueD Wed 15-Jan-20 13:29:15

Every day. A light one for daily use and a heavier perfume if I'm going out.

SueDonim Wed 15-Jan-20 13:31:21

I wear perfume whenever I go out. I have different summer and winter perfumes. At the moment I’ve got the modern version of Opium and it’s lovely.

JenniferEccles, have you tried Chloe in their rose version? My son gave me some and it’s lovely. It’s light and not an old fashioned rose scent.

Maggiemaybe Wed 15-Jan-20 13:31:30

Spraying on perfume is as much part of my routine as brushing my teeth. Even if I’m staying in and clearing the cellar (which is what I’m supposed to be doing right now grin).

J52 Wed 15-Jan-20 14:16:18

Every day, although I do like to wear different ones for summer and winter, also more sophisticated scents for special occasions. There’s no point not using them and keeping them for special occasions.
I always store them in the original box.

kittylester Wed 15-Jan-20 14:50:34

Every day. I have used the same on for years and feel it is my signature. ann, perfume no longer stays on me so I was advised to spray it on my clothes. That works for me!