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Long hair, Short hair which do you prefer

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TrendyNannie6 Wed 15-Jan-20 15:10:01

Browsing through a beauty feature on hair yesterday at my hairdressers I came across a feature long or short hair after 60. Also it mentioned colours too, Blonde or brunette etc. It got me wondering how many people actually have shorter hair as they get older

tanith Wed 15-Jan-20 15:18:44

I keep mine shortish I sometimes think I’ll grow it but it gets greasy looking if it’s longer so short it is. No more colouring for me I’ve let the grey grow and now love the colour.

Esspee Wed 15-Jan-20 15:23:39

I gradually went from chest level hair to shoulder level as I aged. No way am I going much shorter as I feel short hair ages you much like the perm did to the older generation.
My hairdresser tells me he gives me a graduated bob but is working on changing it. Luckily I trust him.
Brunette with white roots always looks terrible. I’ve always been blonde but once completely white I intend to stop colouring it......I think.

helenrowena Wed 15-Jan-20 15:26:03

Longer hair, I don`t have the type of face that would get away with short hair as I get older,

The longer waves give movement and add softness and I find it less ageing,

I also sometimes add a bit of colour by mixing dye in a bowl and adding streaks with my fingers - it gives a more natural look than a full head application, but I choose a shade that is near my natural colour

Sara65 Wed 15-Jan-20 15:33:45

Gradually gotten shorter over the years, collar length now, a blunt cut my hairdresser calls it.
Ash blonde, but tweaked now and then with highlights/lowlights.

M0nica Wed 15-Jan-20 16:02:46

My hair has a will of its own Dead straight and falls in a neat circle around my whole head, face included. Therefore I always have a fringe because if I do not my hair just falls forward anyway, obscuring my view and I also have a short neck, which again doesn't work well with long hair, so perforce I have short hair. It has been short since my late teens. The exact style has varied.

Nowadays I do avoid the pixie cut so beloved of older women, especially if their hair is white. Not sure how to describe my current style. Essentially let it fall and then cut round the edges to keep it off my face and out of my soup.

I sat in a cafe today and across the room I saw this tall slim lady, in casual trousers and a bright yellow serious sports quilted jacket, lovely long silver hair, thick and well cut. From her face, she was at least 70 and she looked great. A 30 year old could have been identically dressed and coiffed and struggled to look as good.

yggdrasil Wed 15-Jan-20 16:03:57

I'd like to have long hair, but it doesn't suit a short oveweight grandmother :-)
So I keep it short, and it is so easy to deal with.
Now if you were talking about a man, deffo long hair. And beard

FlexibleFriend Wed 15-Jan-20 16:07:53

I've had short hair since my 20's and now it's very short and spikey and dark, dark brown.

KatyK Wed 15-Jan-20 16:35:39

As an alopecia sufferer, any hair would be nice. sad Appreciate your hair ladies. smile

BlueBelle Wed 15-Jan-20 17:11:01

I believe ( always exceptions) most people over 60 look better with short hair flexiblefriend I m the same as you, short and choppy and very easy with a bit of texture to get it in shape natural white/blonde though, not dark
katyk😂 not laughing at you laughing with you excellent post

KatyK Wed 15-Jan-20 17:18:31

Thank you BlueBelle If you don't laugh you'll cry (and believe me I have!)

boheminan Wed 15-Jan-20 17:39:12

Mine's been waist length for as long as I can remember. The great thing with long fine hair is I have the best of both worlds, as it's easily put up (and short looking) with a gripper.

dragonfly46 Wed 15-Jan-20 17:49:12

I too am a fan of short hair - I don't think it is as ageing as long hair. Of course I am bald at the moment so do not have much choice! smile

Buffybee Wed 15-Jan-20 18:08:19

I've never had short hair but have gone shorter over the years.
Mine is now shoulder length with layers and a fringe. I go to the hairdressers every six weeks to have it cut and coloured, blonde with streaks.
It has a natural wave so I find it really easy to deal with, I wash it two or three times a week, a quick blow dry and that's it.

BlueSky Wed 15-Jan-20 18:32:08

Always worn my hair long but as I got older I thought a shorter cut would suit me better. It's now shoulder length and like Esspee I don't intend to cut it any shorter for the same reasons.

travelsafar Wed 15-Jan-20 19:25:04

Mine is shoulder lentgh but i never wear it loose. I just twist it up at the back with one of the pretty hairclips that i own. Its so easy to do and i can go two or three days with out having to wah it. When short i had to wash every day as it would be sticking up all over the place in the morning and drove me mad!!!! Now i can do my hair with out a mirror as i know when it feels right!! smile I have it trimmed every couple of months and my hairdresser does my fringe for fringe in between.

Tangerine Wed 15-Jan-20 19:32:07

I think a lot depends on what hair type you have. If you have wonderful hair, I think it can look striking as you age but it's a different story if you have thin hair.

Your face shape and features can also determine the hairstyle which looks best.

grumppa Wed 15-Jan-20 19:34:42

More hair would be good, never mind the length.

CanadianGran Wed 15-Jan-20 19:45:43

I'm blessed with very thick hair, but it can be overwhelming if left long. Most of my adult life i have kept it shorter; above shoulder length.
I just went from shoulder length to shorter (not pixie, though!)
Have had lots of compliments and it's so much easier to manage.

Hetty58 Wed 15-Jan-20 19:51:53

Longish, 3 to 4 inches below shoulder, blonde with some silver bits these days, dead straight It's fine but there's plenty of it, so I tie it back, put it up or just leave it. I used to spend ages curling or styling it - but really can't be bothered now.

Cunco Wed 15-Jan-20 19:52:50

As a child, I began with a dark, short back and sides before moving to a Beatle mop. My hair is shorter now and silver. I have never considered changing my natural hair colour. Unaccountably, I look older than my wife. smile

Hettie11 Fri 17-Jan-20 14:27:37

Definitely shoulder length hair as I can still clip it up & I find it less trouble
My hair As always been blonde but it’s now a Artic blonde White ( my hairdresser calls it this lol )
As someone already said brunette hair looks awful with grey roots 🤗

Bluebird64 Sun 02-Feb-20 10:15:13

Hooray I've found this topic! At 64 my hair is long as it's nearly always been. Like Samson in the Bible it's a vital part of me. My husband would like me to have it cut but no way. So many older women seem to shorten their hair and to me, it just makes them look older. (Not all, of course!) My granny had beautiful long hair till she passed away in her 80s. If you have a routine, it's easy to look after, but don't use ANY electrical gadgets on it! Eat for health, comb instead of brush, and it will look great!

Oopsadaisy3 Sun 02-Feb-20 11:01:54

Long, but always up in a clip, I don’t suit short hair.

I only have it down after a visit to the hairdresser when she can tame it flat.

Think ‘dragged through a hedge backwards’ and that sums up my hair after it’s washed and dried at home.

TwiceAsNice Sun 02-Feb-20 12:13:00

Short choppy cut . I have it cut and coloured regularly I hate grey hair. I wash it every day in the shower and it dries in minutes , a quick comb and I’m done . Sometimes I put hair putty on it and spike it a bit to go out in the evenings. My hair is not very thick so I had longer hair when younger but it never looked as good as when short.