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Good Afternoon Sunday

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Rufus2 Sun 19-Jan-20 04:16:38

Following a reference on another thread, which is free to use apparently, I was led to "Glesca Phrases and Patter" and thence' believe it or not to "Scottish Gaelic Terms of Endearment"! hmm
They might come in handy when next I meet up with our Scottish clan!

Scottish Gaelic terms of endearment
mo ghràdh - my love.
mo chridhe - my heart.
mo leannan - my lover, my sweetheart.
m'eudail - my darling, my dear.
a thasgaidh - my darling, my dear.

Pronunciation might be tricky, but a hefty dose of Strine might disguise any mistakes! smile

DoraMarr Sun 19-Jan-20 07:43:58

Good morning/ afternoon from Birmingham, where the sun is rising and it is clear and frosty. I delighted some young Scots in the museum in Inverness with my attempts at Gaelic- there is a “teach yourself” exhibit there. Not all is as it seems: “”mh” is pronounced “v”, and some strings of letters disappear altogether. I think you’re better off with Strine!

MiniMoon Sun 19-Jan-20 10:40:37

Good morning/afternoon Rufus.
How's tha fettle?
I hope you've had a good Sunday. It's a cold, cloudy day here in West Northumberland, currently 0°c. I don't think I'll be going very far from the door today.
Have a peaceful night.

Rufus2 Sun 19-Jan-20 10:45:12

where the sun is rising
That must be a welcome sight in the "Black Country", Dora! grin
I remember you putting me straight after I appeared (was!) disrespectful of the term B.C., but the excellent websites etc. you put me on to corrected my mistake! blush
I thought , in my ignorance, that Gaelic was a universal language up there, so I'm anxious to learn the lingo for when I meet a wee lass on GN. First impressions count! smile
Weather here today unsettled again. Hit 35C until about 4.00pm then thunderstorms rolled in. we welcome all the rain we can get, of course, but not in the form of golf ball and even tennis ball size hail.!
The Gold Coast was almost washed away on Friday. Heartbreaking to witness on TV all the cleaning up in homes and shops.
The Aussie Open tennis starts tomorrow and whilst the main centre court can be covered, the outers could soon like swimming pools in a decent storm.
And to think the players were collapsing with bush fire smoke only a few days ago! shock

Rufus2 Sun 19-Jan-20 11:09:21

How's tha fettle?
MiniMoon; Don't know! , 'cos I don't know what it is and I'm not game to check Dr.G until I've had my dinner, although I see it's 10.00pm so it might be just a cup of cocoa (or something) and biscuits. hmm
I was composing reply to Dora when No1 son phoned from Brisbane after a week's holiday at Surfer's Paradise; no problems there fortunately, but just as well they hadn't picked the Gold Coast!
So now I'm playing catch-up and hoping not to dream about fettles tonight! hmm

Rufus2 Sun 19-Jan-20 13:40:30

How's tha fettle?
I had to look it up! Otherwise couldn't get to sleep! confused
Phew! Yes thank you! I'm in fine fettle even though it's now 12.30am Monday and I had to forego the cocoa grin
As a favour, what does this "joke" mean?

2. A Glasgow woman goes to the dentist and settles down in the chair.

"Comfy?" asks the dentist.

"Govan," she replies


DoraMarr Sun 19-Jan-20 15:40:52

Comfy= come from.

Rufus2 Mon 20-Jan-20 11:47:10

Comfy= come from
Dora Thanks, but I thought every one knew it's short for comfortable! grin A groan-type joke anyway!
I focused on "Govan" being the joke, but checked out on Dr. G and it turns out to be a bit of Glasgow, not an attractive bit, but the tourist blurb makes it out to be a tourist's Mecca hmm
Not sure how I got on to this! Oh yes!! Looking for scotch jokes! Help! grin

Marydoll Mon 20-Jan-20 12:00:02

Comfy = Come frae ? Where do you come from?

Marydoll Mon 20-Jan-20 12:17:48

Or, depending on how strong your accent is: come fae
I was born in Govan😉