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Good Evening Thursday

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Rufus2 Thu 23-Jan-20 13:01:23

Almost forgot! Been busy elsewhere.
You can't say our weather lacks colour this year! We had steady rain all night, no hail fortunately, but this morning everything was covered in yellow ochre "soil" carried from the north-west. drought affected areas.
Even the birdbath was the colour of
the River Yarra.
Another public holiday on Monday; Australia Day. Lots of BBQs , booze and sunshine we hope!
Another air crash disaster resulting in three deaths all in the cause of fire-fighting. So sad! sad
Must go! Nearly the witching hour and then it will be Good Morning Friday, but not allowed to say that! grin

MiniMoon Thu 23-Jan-20 15:46:29

Good evening rufus.
Yes indeed, very sad day for the families of the three US firefighters who lost their lives helping Australia.
We very occasionally have dust blow to the UK from the Sahara, the weather is a strange thing.
It's been another dull, grey day in Northumberland, no rain but no sunshine either.
I've had a productive day, cleaned my kitchen and done some ironing. That's kept me out of mischief 😀.
Goodnight, sleep well.

rafichagran Thu 23-Jan-20 20:20:39

Good Evening Rufus. Enjoy the BBQ and booze.