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Menopause Depression spending

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Gwiz5 Sun 26-Jan-20 10:41:51

I have been absolutely horrified this weekend to realise that I have spent 20k this last 18 months on nothing but stuff things bits and rubbish. I dont understand how I have let this get so out of control. I don’t think I know if I am depressed or in denial. My life is good , I work , my husband is supportive and kind and my kids are settled. But I do feel a bit up and down.
Confused overwhelmed and terrified that my husband will find out and it will destroy his trust in me. I’m making sure to pay monthly , that’s not the problem I just can’t believe it’s got past me. Does anyone else look like they have it all together but are really finding difficult and are hiding it.

Esspee Sun 26-Jan-20 11:00:12

Is menopause to be blamed for everything?
Suggest you take a look at Money Saving Expert website which shows how to get out of debt......and give your head a wobble!

Septimia Sun 26-Jan-20 11:08:37

Not done it myself, although I have been known to 'binge spend' within limits. Bet you're not the only person in this situation, though.

Esspee's advice is good.

I suggest that you make sure that your repayments are well-organised and that you have evidence of this. Then, if your husband does find out, you can show him that you have taken control of your brief aberration. You might still feel you're struggling but at least it will look like you're doing something about it.

Urmstongran Sun 26-Jan-20 11:08:46

No comment at all but wanted to say I love your user name!

Actually, small comment. Some posters get het up if displays of ‘wealth’ get mentioned. Get ready for being asked if you volunteer, donate to food banks etc.

Gwiz5 Sun 26-Jan-20 12:08:09

Espee. I’m not blaming the menopause I’m simply saying that I haven’t been this way before. I am handling it the best I can. I was wondering if anyone has the feeling of being less in control.
I am different with the menopause , it has changed me but I don’t blame it , or anyone else. MSE is a good source of info

annsixty Sun 26-Jan-20 12:49:36

I think it is very easy to do when you are depressed.
I know 2 people , widowed, who spend and spend and to a limited degree I have done it myself.
It seems to compensate for what we have lost.
I hope you get this under control especially as you have to pay the money off.