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Good Evening Sunday

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Rufus2 Sun 26-Jan-20 12:17:45

Hope you've all had a carefree day' Nearly 10.30pm here so almost over. Perfect, warm, no wind, but no rain and several bush fires are still ongoing in remote areas
However, the media has begun to relegate news from the front pages now that are no significant threats to people and properties.
This new virus threat is keeping them occupied. sad
Today has been a day for the beaches in all capital cities to celebrate; after all OZ is a "land girt by sea"! smile
The Chinese have been very quiet, no fireworks no banging of drums and yet we have a very strong Asian community around here.
Noticed many Aussie flags fluttering on flagpoles in front gardens; reminded me of America where they were very common; a sign of pride in their country!
I wonder how many St. George flags will be flying proudly up the poles on the 23rd of April now that Brexit appears to be done and dusted? hmm
How about St.Andrew flying at half-mast or even upside down when his day comes! grin
I've lost track as to where Wales stands in the Brexit Stakes.

Have a good one! wink