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TrendyNannie6 Mon 03-Feb-20 20:30:55

Mine is the vet putting his stethoscope on the fur hat, thinking it was the cat, should have gone to specsavers

NannyJan53 Mon 03-Feb-20 20:43:13

The Yorkshire Tea advert with Kaiser Chiefs being the 'on hold' music. Where everything is done proper smile

Flowerette Mon 03-Feb-20 20:51:43

Flash one with the big cuddly white doggy
Adorable ( love any advert with doggies )

Washerwoman Mon 03-Feb-20 20:54:44

The lloyds one with the galloping horses.Beautiful animals
On the other hand absolutely hate the new one with the singing baby in a cot.Very creepy. Can't remember what it's for but shown in every ad break during Vera.

Sara65 Mon 03-Feb-20 20:58:49

The little girl with the pound in the supermarket car park.
I just love her attitude.

Sara65 Mon 03-Feb-20 21:00:29


I watched Vera, but I can’t remember that one

Pantglas2 Mon 03-Feb-20 21:06:05

Anything with a meerkat - they’ve all brought a smile to my face!

Washerwoman Mon 03-Feb-20 21:19:31

We have been watching it in ITV hub tonight and it's so annoying maybe it's not shown on the actual night of airing ?Appologies anyway as it's meant to be thread about ads we like !

MotherHubbard Mon 03-Feb-20 22:36:45

The ad with the sheep almost being hit by a car - the sheep’s life flashes infront of its eyes from being a lamb and at different stages in its life as the car brakes just in time.

SalsaQueen Mon 03-Feb-20 22:41:08

The one in which the cat watches it's owners go out, then calls for his mates to come in. He turns up the heating, and all the catty friends are cosy.

I hate the one for dog food, with Lorraine. Her dog licking her mouth - filthy.

Calendargirl Tue 04-Feb-20 07:33:48

I agree about the dog licking mouth- yuk, yuk, yuk!

FindingNemo15 Tue 04-Feb-20 08:00:57

The one for Expedia where the woman is in the bath watching the family and at the end the way her greyhound looks at her with such loving eyes.

timetogo2016 Tue 04-Feb-20 08:12:58

Meerkats for me especially when the waiter meerkat mumbles mustard.
It makes me laugh as I`m sure it`s meant to be bast..d

Gaunt47 Tue 04-Feb-20 08:18:58

Sorry Washerwoman but I can't bear the Lloyds advert! It's the slogan: 'by your side', everybody knows bank branches are being closed all over the country so they are certainly not by our side. But it's beautifully shot.
For some time now I've felt TV advertisements have been particularly unimaginative and I've wished for a fast forward gizmo, but I do love the meerkats!

Witzend Tue 04-Feb-20 09:56:57

Yes, to the Yorkshire Tea (not that I drink it) and the other made in Yorkshire one - Plusnet. No daft drivel, no arty-farty nonsense or cosy/touchy-feely stuff.

And no women with mouthfuls of impossibly white teeth grinning ecstatically because of no white marks etc.). Yes, Dove ads, I mean you.).

We usually record nowadays and zoom through the ads, but I’m sometimes nostalgic for the brilliant old ones, e.g. Boddington’s - luckily they’re mostly on YouTube now if I want the occasional ‘fix’.

vampirequeen Tue 04-Feb-20 10:33:15

I love the On the Beach adverts especially the little boy who scores 7 own goals.

I have to admit I rather like the Sean Bean Yorkshire Tea one too but that might be more about it being Sean Bean grin

Calendargirl Wed 05-Feb-20 13:08:57

I like the house insurance one where a scary woman is interrogating this poor chap about what type of door locks he has. He cries “I don’t know! No one does!
I so agree, who knows if their locks are standard 2345 or whatever? Certainly not me!

shysal Wed 05-Feb-20 14:34:34

It is quite old now, but I loved the one with a little girl buying a bar of chocolate for her Mum. She pays with coins, buttons and reluctantly a tiny unicorn toy. The shopkeeper gives back the unicorn for change. So sweet!

Maggiemaybe Wed 05-Feb-20 15:27:46

A few years ago, the home insurance one with the would-be ballet dancer twirling round the house to Tiny Dancer, ornaments rocking and pets fleeing. It brought back memories. I used to do the same and my dad said I had all the grace of a baby elephant (very true!).

TrendyNannie6 Wed 05-Feb-20 15:36:53

Oh yes the little girl buying chocolate for her mums birthday and handing over coins buttons etc,, that was a good one and the lovely shopkeeper giving the unicorn back

welbeck Wed 05-Feb-20 15:38:11

I like the one where the koala goes to stroke the soft toilet paper and then expertly lets himself down out of the bathroom widow before someone comes in, using the same paper as a rope and soft landing.

rosenoir Wed 05-Feb-20 16:28:15

I liked the Mcdonalds coffee ads poking fun at the coffee snobs.

lovebeigecardigans1955 Wed 05-Feb-20 16:33:04

I like the ones which ask, "Like getting your money's worth?"
I can't remember what it's for - but anyway - a recently married woman goes to work in her wedding dress and the young girl whose mum puts a yellow rubber glove on her head instead of a swimming cap.

Millie22 Wed 05-Feb-20 16:34:14

The Aldi advert where the mouse sees a cat behind the wine bottles. I think it was a Christmas ad a few years ago. Some of the other Aldi ones are good too.

Bellasnana Wed 05-Feb-20 16:47:19

I like the Bisto ad where the elderly lady says “I don’t often have a roast dinner”. She reminds me of my late nana.