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Good Evening Thursday

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Rufus2 Thu 13-Feb-20 12:25:39

Hope you are all well. Very humid here in Melb; unusual for it to last several days; more of the same tomorrow.
Son No. 1 spoke from Brisbane, where it's always humid this time of year to say they've had enormous dumps of rain; Now they are on alert for snakes, washed out of their hidey-holes.! hmm
Fancy chasing a snake out from under your settee? No thanks! Red-bellied and brown snakes are very venomous, but all snakes are protected and can't be killed unless in a life-threatening situation; such as finding one in your bed I suppose! shock
Good news! NSW fire authorities said that all fires in the State are officially "out". Not sure about Queensland, but all that rain must be helping.
Haven't had time to christen my new egg-cup yet. Waiting to consult Dr. Google on how to cook a soft-boiled egg (3.5 minutes? Prick hole in the end?) Must be easier to make a fried-egg butty! grin
Is it my imagination or are we getting more depressing-type threads lately? Granted, mid-Winter in Britain is not a season to be jolly , but really! sad
Take a refresher course of GreatNan's jokes thread!

rafichagran Thu 13-Feb-20 13:30:49

Good afternoon Rufushaving a lovely time at home today, no work until next week.
Its wet here and quite cold, but we have no snake alerts here thank goodness, I do not fear much but I get edgy even seeing pictures of them things.
Anyway sleep well and Goodnight.

spottssr Thu 13-Feb-20 16:33:52

Good mid-day here in Ontario Canada. Coldest days of the winter predicted. Snowing lightly.