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While the Cafe is out of action any new posters can say hello here

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BlueBelle Sun 23-Feb-20 20:13:16

If any new posters want to introduce themselves and say hello to us please do so here
If you have already posted in The Cafe and got few or no replies it’s because there is a technical problem not that we are being rude
Please say hello and let us welcome you 👋😊

Namsnanny Sun 23-Feb-20 20:20:43

Nice welcoming post BlueBelle, smile, so thoughtful

Marydoll Sun 23-Feb-20 20:39:06

Well done, BlueBelle, it was driving me to distraction!

lemongrove Sun 23-Feb-20 20:53:56

What’s happening to the cafe? Is it a full makeover with new tables and chairs and fancy lighting?

Marydoll Sun 23-Feb-20 20:56:50

It has been frozen for weeks for some of us Lemon. If you try to post, you have to log out and start again and it then happens all over again. 🤬

lemongrove Sun 23-Feb-20 20:59:51

Ah, right. How strange it isn’t fixed by now ( they need my SIL)

BlueBelle Sun 23-Feb-20 22:06:50

GN has been told or should I say alerted to it a number of times and so far all is being said is ‘our techs will be looking into it’ it’s two weeks since I tried to go into it I m not sure how long before that it started freezing but it seems new people can post so a few new people may be posting but getting no answers or welcomes hence the reason I started this thread

Charleygirl5 Sun 23-Feb-20 22:17:57

A very good idea starting this thread- I am fed up with it freezing all of the time- surely it is not rocket science to fix it?

JackyB Mon 24-Feb-20 08:13:20

I haven't had any trouble and just did another test post to check. New members have been posting there and are probably wondering why no-one has reacted.

BlueBelle Mon 24-Feb-20 08:59:24

Exactly Jackie there are a number of posters that the cafe is locked to for whatever reason we don’t know ? As soon as you click on it it freezes and neither lets you in or out
HQ has known of this problem for two weeks
I was very worried that new posters would get no welcome that’s why I started this thread maybe you can explain to them and point them in this direction
Has HQ put anything on the cafe welcome thread as way of an apology to new folks ?
I m finding the lack of response very frustration

cornergran Mon 24-Feb-20 10:01:10

Just checked, I can’t access anything in the cafe. Page just freezes.

TrendyNannie6 Mon 24-Feb-20 11:36:59

Didn’t know about a cafe lol

Charleygirl5 Mon 24-Feb-20 13:22:38

It is strange how mainly new posters can access that site but us "oldies" cannot for whatever reason.

lavenderzen Mon 24-Feb-20 13:26:30

Could HQ "pin" this thread to the top underneath the Cafe thread, because people are still going onto that thread and it freezes for me too. Don't know how you could do that though.

Marydoll Mon 24-Feb-20 13:28:33

I have foolishly just read a new post in the cafe and guess what.... I got stuck!!! Will I never learn? grin

Please have have a peak and see what you think? I'm not so sure about it. 🤔

lavenderzen Mon 24-Feb-20 15:07:58

I can't get in, I tried and then everything froze and I had to log out to get back on to the site hmm

spottssr Mon 24-Feb-20 15:14:26

Attempting to post....using my laptop instead of my tablet. I thank all Gransnetters whose posts, stories, troubles and day to day lives help keep me sane!

BlueBelle Mon 24-Feb-20 16:55:29

I can’t even get in to read anything ‘Marydoll’ it freezes as soon as I enter the cafe and stays frozen

Marydoll Mon 24-Feb-20 17:02:10

Any techie worth his/her salt should have been able to pinpoint the problem, by now.
At worst, delete this thread altogether and put a new link on.
Oh well, what does our opinion count for?

Elizabeth1 Wed 26-Feb-20 13:12:02

Please can someone tell me what scoops cafe is I’m afraid I’m not sure

Elizabeth1 Wed 26-Feb-20 14:32:48

Oops coops not scoops coop cafe

CherryCezzy Tue 03-Mar-20 21:32:11

Hello all gransnetters. I've been lurking as a reader for a while. My discovery re. access toa the Cafe is what prompted me to join. By accident I found I was able to read the messages on the mobile but not the desktop site. This evening I found I was able to read on both so maybe hmm others are now able to too. [Smile]

CherryCezzy Tue 03-Mar-20 21:34:26

to not toa and .... smile

Charleygirl5 Tue 03-Mar-20 21:42:32

Welcome- sorry if you have felt rather neglected but it is not for want of trying on our part! Us "oldies" are still locked out.
If you want gentle threads- good morning and soop's kitchen are two I can recommend while you look around for a site or two which take your fancy.

CherryCezzy Tue 03-Mar-20 21:51:56

Thanks Charleygirl5. I haven't felt neglected as my first posts were this evening, but I posted on the Cafe forum earlier when I discovered one or two other new posters seemed to feel they were and I didn't want anyone to feel that way.