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Using hands on deli counter

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Katyj Sun 01-Mar-20 19:01:10

Hi, I was buying ham from the bone yesterday from Morrison’s the lady serving used a knife to cut the ham, but then her bare hands to transfer it to the paper on the weighing scales. Should she have had gloves on, or used tongs ? I don’t normally buy cooked meat, it was for someone else, so I’m not sure.

Pudding123 Sun 01-Mar-20 19:09:00

Yes ,I think she should have had plastic gloves on,however as more companies do away with plastic perhaps the H and S rules no longer apply.

bikergran Sun 01-Mar-20 19:57:23

We have a market stall that sells cooked meats/fresh pies/bacon/sausage etc.

A year or so ago the girls wore the blue latex gloves when serving the cooked meats etc (diff girls worked on diff sides of the counter one on cooked meats one on sausage etc)

I've now noticed they don't wear gloves, they do serve the cooked meat with tongues,food servers etc .

I suppose its a bit like the chicken n the egg.
If they wear gloves and serve then they take the money wearing the same gloves hmm

I don't think I would want anyone touching my cooked meat with their bare hands, even I don't do that at home, I use a fork etc to lift it from the packet.

I know the person at Morrisons wouldn't be handling money,but still think bare hands should be used.

phoenix Sun 01-Mar-20 20:01:15

Eurgh! Serving meat with tongues!

bikergran just a little wink

lemongrove Sun 01-Mar-20 20:02:21

It’s something I have noticed too, the lack of gloves now, in fact if I see it when I am buying meat from the counter and they use their hands I will refuse to take it, then contact the manager.It’s lazy and a health hazard.

Katyj Sun 01-Mar-20 20:11:55

Must admit, I couldn’t have eaten it. I’ll report it next time I’m shopping. I would prefer them to use tongs, gloved hands could have been up to all sorts 😉 . I’m becoming very fussy in my old age.

mumofmadboys Sun 01-Mar-20 20:48:33

We eat salad out, quiches, hand iced cakes etc all touched by hands.

downtoearth Sun 01-Mar-20 22:11:57

In my local Tesco a while back and wanted some fish from the counter.

Lady serving had heavy cold,and and just blown her nose handled the tissue,put in her pocket,and was most put out when as she prepared to serve me with bare hands,I asked would she mind washing her hands as I had just seen her blowing her nose,if looks could have killed I woukdnt be here to tell the tale.

Calendargirl Sun 01-Mar-20 22:29:01

I know it’s not meat, but our local artisan bakery handles the bread and cakes with bare hands, before taking money and putting in the till. Grubby money and unwrapped bread.

Bathsheba Sun 01-Mar-20 23:10:46

Can anyone explain to me why properly washed hands (we don’t know whether the Morrison’s assistant had unwashed hands) are any less hygienic than gloved hands - or tongs, for that matter, which may not have been washed for some time for all we know.

BBbevan Mon 02-Mar-20 06:05:13

Phoenix 😁😁😁😁
I'm lying in bed laughing .

craftyone Mon 02-Mar-20 06:36:17

urgh, even in the old days, sliced meat was collected from the slicer by tongs or on a piece of greaseproof paper. Bread can be picked up by holding a big piece of paper around it. Low shoddy standards and I would have walked away without the goods

Katyj Mon 02-Mar-20 06:48:48

Bathsheba. I would hope tongs have only been used for cooked meat. I don’t think gloves are any cleaner than hands really, as we don’t know where they’ve been. At least their not handling money, which must be covered in bugs 😱

Aepgirl Mon 02-Mar-20 16:41:02

Not necessarily plastic gloves but at least Pick it up with the paper it was being wrapped in.

polnan Mon 02-Mar-20 16:43:25

our local Morrisons, last time I went to the deli counter the person wore blue gloves.. plastic or what I have no idea, and no she /he doesn`t take the money

JuliaM Mon 02-Mar-20 16:47:54

I went into Morrisons yesterday and bought some ready sliced Turkey breast off the Deli counter, the man who served me covered the meat with a piece of the thin plastic film, then lifted it up without actually touching it with his bare hands, then placed it inside a bag after weighing it. Cleverly done and very hygienic.

GreenGran78 Mon 02-Mar-20 16:52:37

Am I the odd one out, here, in thinking that as long as the assistant washes her hands regularly, I am not too fussed?
I stick to normal hygiene practices, but think that people are far too obsessed with germs, these days. Call me lazy, if you like, but I rarely bother to wash fruit and veg, I eat things that I have dropped on the floor, and am still here to tell the tale, fit, healthy and on no medication at 80.
I think that my immune system has built itself up to tackle pretty well any bug it comes across. I would rather die of food-poisoning, anyway, than languish in a nursing home, with dementia!
Shall I hide behind the sofa now? smile

CedarC Mon 02-Mar-20 16:56:30

Not a nice subject,but we were in Ada's one day and my DH was in the Gents. When he came out he was absolutely astonished,one of the men from the deli counter came out of a cubicle ,did not wash his hands and went straight back behind the counter (we watched). Have never bought anything from that counter since.

blueskies Mon 02-Mar-20 16:58:19

Marks and Spencer have open shelves of unwrapped bread and cakes at waist height in their Hedge End store. Watching customers brush past them I wondered if it were a Health and Safety issue. They do seem to have a problem with hygiene. In the cafe we couldn't find a vacant table that wasn't piled with dirty plates etc. We cleared our mucky table and wiped it down with hand gel and tissues before we could drink our coffee. The solitary staff member was rushed off his feet.

Newatthis Mon 02-Mar-20 17:04:03

I had the same experience yesterday when I bought soome Tuna in Morrisons. However, hen Jamie Oliver went into a school in the USA he told all the staff NOT to use gloves as they can transfer bacteria and are very unhygenic unless you change them each time you handle a different food. Apparently he said that hand washing is better.

GreenGran78 Mon 02-Mar-20 17:11:04

CedarC now that is something that I would be bothered about. I would have reported him to the manager.

BlueBelle Mon 02-Mar-20 17:12:15

Do you eat in a restaurant, cafe, pub or hotel? and do you see how much your food is handled before it hits your table No you don’t
I think washed hands are cleaner than gloves

Camelotclub Mon 02-Mar-20 17:14:33

Waitrose Banbury cafe is just as bad!

Camelotclub Mon 02-Mar-20 17:16:25

I think we can be too fussy about hygiene but how far so we take it, especially with the current furore? There's been nothing else on BBC News today.

They say the healthiest children in school are those that live on a farm!

beverly10 Mon 02-Mar-20 17:23:07

Ada's ? that's a new one? Do they deliver grin