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Have you ever had a "you've been framed moment".

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RosieCheeks Sat 07-Mar-20 19:07:07

Feeling a bit down tonight and need cheering up.

So hit with some funny moments that had they been filmed could of gone on "you've been framed" grin

SueDonim Sat 07-Mar-20 19:17:42

I’m not sure if it’s a you’ve been framed moment but we did have a funny event a couple of years back. Our daughter and sil went to a wedding with their 4mth old baby. We were supposed to collect the baby so they could enjoy the evening do. Dh and I turned up at the venue, which was an old castle, and it seemed pretty deserted. We wandered through, eventually spotting some guests outside on the grass, so we made our way outside via some French doors.

To our horror, we found ourselves at the top of some stone steps, at the bottom of which the entire wedding party was grouped, complete with a photographer taking arty photos and a drone in our faces, filming the whole thing!. Even worse, the french doors were fire exits and we couldn’t get back inside - we were like rabbits in the headlights! grinblushgrinblush

BradfordLass73 Sat 07-Mar-20 21:19:04

When I was a teenager and wearing stocking held up by suspenders, one of them broke.

Desperate for somewher private to right this I nipped into a nearby office block and took the lift, thinking as it rose to the 16th floor, that I'd have time screw a coin into the top of my stocking (as you did in those days with emergeny repairs)
Unfortunately, someone must have pushed the button for a lower floor and I was well and truly framed as the doors opened onto an open-plan office. A whole roomful of people looked at me, skirt up round my waist, trying to tighten a sixpence into the top of my nylons. blush blush blush

BradfordLass73 Sat 07-Mar-20 21:51:31

You may not be able to see it clearly but there is a frame around me! grin

JoyBloggs Sat 07-Mar-20 21:58:43

Many years ago we stayed at a rather posh self-catering penthouse overlooking the sea in Cornwall. After we arrived I enjoyed admiring the lovely furnishings in all the different rooms. I was wearing some brand new, strappy sandals. I can hardly bring myself to admit the next bit, but if it gives just one person a laugh it will make the whole sad episode worthwhile.
I went into the bathroom and thought "Oh, that's a nifty toilet brush, I wouldn't mind one of those... I wonder what make it is?" I then lifted the brush up, turned it upside down to see if the brand was marked on the bottom. BIG mistake... an extremely unsavoury liquid flowed out, onto one of my lovely new sandals, then trickled on down between my toes! How could ANYBODY be quite so stupid! (And, yes, before anyone asks, how could I be so enthralled with a toilet brush! blush)

MamaCaz Sat 07-Mar-20 22:03:39

Not quite a 'You've been framed' moment, but I felt a bit of a plonker yesterday.

I had popped into the supermarket for a few bits, then returned to my car.
When I tried to unlock it, nothing happened. I tried again, but the doors were still locked.

A similar thing had happened a couple of weeks earlier, and it had been down to a flat battery.
Fearing that the same thing had happened again, I pressed one last time on the key fob.
Still nothing - except a clicking sound from the car right behind me.
Yes, I had been trying to get into the wrong car!

midsummermadness Sun 08-Mar-20 09:14:27

Heavily pregnant, I was crossing busy Trafalgar Square when my knicker elastic gave way, and my knickers fell down round my ankles. What else could I do but step out of them and stuff them in my handbag and walk on, carefully avoiding catching the eye of any of the people who had watched the whole event.

Patticake123 Sun 08-Mar-20 09:26:02

Midsummer madness reminded me of a tale my dear MiL would tell us. She was dancing at the local Palais de Dance where the ballroom floor had a central water feature that people danced around. Her elastic broke, her knickers fell down, so she stepped out, continued dancing and spent the night watching her drawers circle the dance floor!

Aepgirl Sun 08-Mar-20 09:28:16

I entered a well-known, cheapy, department store. It had been raining and the floor was slippy. The heel of my shoe slipped and to save myself I did that cartoon-running move towards a huge pile of cardboard boxes. Fortunately they broke my fall but I discovered that the boxes contained freestanding mirrors, 2 of which were displayed at either end of the boxes. These both fell over, fortunately without breaking, and staff came running out. Did they ask if I was OK? No, they were more concerned with their mirrors? A customer in the checkout queue came over to me to check, and ‘suggested’ to the store manager that the floor was mopped. My daughter has been checking on YouTube ever since - luckily nothing there, YET.

cookiemonster66 Sun 08-Mar-20 09:45:28

In the 1980's I had a fav button up skirt, I was walking down Slough high st it was very windy.... well am sure you have already worked it out, the buttons flew open after being caught in a gust, and my skirt blew away like a kite, so I was running down the high st, in my pants, trying to catch my skirt, thank god there were no camera phones then

Moth62 Sun 08-Mar-20 09:59:13

Oh, priceless!! Loving these funny stories. Just the thing for a wet and windy morning

Rosina Sun 08-Mar-20 10:00:45

I tripped at the top of the escalator in a department store, staggered a few yards, hands outstretched in that impossible pose where you are falling but don't quite hit the floor, and clutched at a rail of clothing - which unfortunately was on wheels. Together we travelled across the department, unable to stop, until finally the rail of clothing met a floor stand that fortunately didn't start rolling as well! A lady from the restaurant rushed to see if I was unscathed, and commented that I probably couldn't do that again if I rehearsed for a week.

Purplepixie Sun 08-Mar-20 10:09:34

I was hurrying home from the supermarket one day, ages ago and the paths were thick of ice. It was downhill to the car park and I slipped. My bag flew out of my hand and the frozen chicken slid down the path and straight into the road. A car can
A car came along and drove straight over it. There was no way I was picking the remains off the road so I went back and bought another. I did manage to get to the car intact but I smile when I wonder just what that driver thought.

Purplepixie Sun 08-Mar-20 10:10:21

Whoops typo in there, sorry. X

Pudding123 Sun 08-Mar-20 10:28:57

A friend at work had gone out at lunch to buy a skirt she had been lusting after from a designer shop in Manchester,she was bringing it back swinging it by the handles of.the paper bag it was in got caught by a gust of wind ,the skirt flew out of the bag and ended up in the road and was caught under the wheels of an HGV lorry she brought it back with black tyre marks right across her beloved skirt!

HiPpyChick57 Sun 08-Mar-20 10:56:47

Not me but my dsis. Both she and her dh were living in an upstairs flat. One evening there was a knock on the door and her dh went downstairs to answer it. My dsis was 8 months pregnant at the time. Being nosy she rushed out to the top of the stairs to see who it was. She was wearing scholl wooden sandals at the time,she tried to stop at the top of the stairs but alas her body stopped and her feet carried on and slipped off the top of the stairs. She said she slid down them on her bottom 8 months worth of belly bobbing up and down like there’s no tomorrow only to find her dh and the visitor staring at her with open mouths at the bottom. 😱😱

icanhandthemback Sun 08-Mar-20 11:02:10

We once arrived at the airport by bus and as we got off, this terrible alarm started ringing. It was a very high pitched noise and went right through you. Everywhere we went, it seemed to be making the most awful noise and we went to find out what it was because it was so intolerable. Nobody seemed to know so we went through passport control to escape it but it was there too.
Eventually I went to Boots to get some earplugs because it was so stressful. As I opened my bag, the noise got even louder. The baby breathing monitor had somehow become switched on as I'd exited the bus and was blaring out. It was such a relief when I switched it off and we giggled all the way to our destination.

timetogo2016 Sun 08-Mar-20 11:02:57

Done the same MamaCaz.
What was funny though was the chap behind me was trying to get in my car.
Both black corsa`s.
We both laughed and my dh suggested I put a high vis on the back of my chair it works.

Leah50 Sun 08-Mar-20 11:09:33

Living next to a derelict commercial farm I was used to chucking our cats rodent kills over the hedge for crows/foxes to finish up. Without thinking one morning, I did the same, forgetting that homes were being built next door. I watched from the bedroom as two salespeople stared in amazement at the sight of a dead rabbit on the show-house roof.

Violettham Sun 08-Mar-20 11:11:46

Thanks for the laughs everybody eally cheered me up.

Annaram1 Sun 08-Mar-20 11:35:44

I went for my very first job interview wearing fashionable new wooden high heeled shoes. As I got off the bus one heel snapped in half. I had to go to the interview in a nearby building hobbling and trying to look normal. I was shown over the very large place of work doing a dot and carry for about half an hour. I did not get the job.

morethan2 Sun 08-Mar-20 11:41:01

As a newly married very young naive wife of a serving soldier I found a list of things he had to take on exercise. One of the things was 3 magazines. So I asked him what magazines he was given. He told me a copy of the soldier magazine and two girlie magazines (can’t remember the titles) I didn’t believe him and kept asking him. Every time we had his army friends round or we’re out socialising (we did that a lot in the 1970s💃🏽🕺🍸🍺🍻🥂🍾) he’d say please tell her what magazines we are given to take on exercise. They'd repeat verbatim what he told me but with a smirk. I just didn’t believe they’d give him girlies magazines. So I always protested that they were lying about girlie magazines. It wasn’t until at the Christmas party while the C.O was giving his Christmas address that he announced that I was to get the prize for the most fooled wife of the year and produced a large photograph of three magazine rounds for a gun. blush

MamaCaz Sun 08-Mar-20 12:29:59

Imagine a thirty-something woman getting on a bus full of giggling schoolgirls, making their way home for lunch, in a foreign country.
Then imagine the bus setting of with a jolt before she even has time to grab hold of a handrail.
Imagine the woman spinning uncontrollably down the bus before landing unceremoniously in the lap of a rather bemused gentleman passenger.
And the now hysterical laughter of those schoolgirls! blush

MamaCaz Sun 08-Mar-20 12:38:28

Done the same MamaCaz.

I'm glad it's not just me grin.

Still, not as bad as my mum, who came out of a shop, got into the car, then only when she turned to speak to him realized that the man in the driving seat wasn't my dad, who had definitely been in the driving seat when she went into the shop!
My dad, who saw the whole thing through his rear-view mirror, thought it was hilarious.

Granny23 Sun 08-Mar-20 12:57:21

My friend and I had just missed the bus into town when a friendly man pulled into the stop and shouted jump in. So we climbed into the back seat, while another man who had been waiting by the bus stop got into the front. I had assumed that the driver was a friend or relative of my friend and she had supposed that the driver knew me. During the journey it became obvious that the driver had stopped to pick up his workmate and was surprised when we climbed in. They were not in fact heading into town, but very kindly took us there before going their own way. [blush