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Just been fighting with my bedding.......!

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Katek Wed 11-Mar-20 11:33:11

Help! I recently bought a 6’ bolster as I was tired of falling down the gap in the middle of two ordinary pillows. All well and good until you come to change the bolster was like stuffing a sausage back into its skin as the opening is on the narrow end. Anyone know if there’s such a thing as a two part cover that you can put on from both ends or a cover which opens down the length and not the width? I’ve had to sit down for a restorative cuppa!

SueDonim Wed 11-Mar-20 12:37:15

I’ve no suggestions, apart from taking the long seam apart and replacing it with a zip or Velcro, but you’ve reminded me that my parents had a bolster! I thought it very sophisticated. grin

JackyB Wed 11-Mar-20 12:39:59

Roll it down to about 6" from the end, slip it over the end of the bolster and roll it back up. That's how I put on my socks, anyway. If you do it quickly, it shouldn't make too many unsightly creases. And if it did - who would see them?

Namsnanny Wed 11-Mar-20 13:13:39

Oh my goodness all I can think of is my early sex education lessons!!!! Condom on a cucumber anyone? shockwink
So sorry for my vulgarity everyone. Spent to much time on my own, I must need re introducing into polite society!grin

Namsnanny Wed 11-Mar-20 13:14:07


DanniRae Wed 11-Mar-20 14:21:49

Namsnanny - Well I had the same thought .......... blush

TrendyNannie6 Wed 11-Mar-20 14:58:01

I too have a bolster and it drives me crazy getting the long pillow inside I end up shaking it so much to get it to go all the way down, I feel like I’ve had an arm workout when I’ve finished

Namsnanny Thu 12-Mar-20 17:16:59

DanniRae ... great minds think alike

Ellianne Thu 12-Mar-20 18:41:02

Namsnanny you made me laugh and reminded me of 40+ years ago when I was at a top university studying Samuel Beckett for my dissertation. There was a novel by him called Molloy I think, and there was a paragraph that said:
M was trying to stuff his * into his partner's like stuffing a pillow into a pillow case.
I've never forgotten that after all this time. Strange things we had to study to get a BA!!

Missfoodlove Thu 12-Mar-20 20:36:33

I’ve been trying for years to figure out an easy way!
I think we need a French person to help us, bolsters are far more common there than here in the U.K.

NotSpaghetti Thu 12-Mar-20 20:56:40

We have a bolster in one bedroom but our covers are fairly loose. I'd consider buying a wider case for yours!

watermeadow Thu 12-Mar-20 20:57:19

A BOLSTER! (Say it like A HAAAANDBAG? in The Importance of being Ernest)
Had no idea that 1910 item still existed. My granny had one.
Why do people want propping up at night? I sleep on one flat pillow. When away from home I have to dump half the bed clothes on the floor along with all the pillows and cushions.

Namsnanny Thu 12-Mar-20 21:18:41

Ellianne … Now you've made me laugh!
I've read or heard that quote before somewhere along the road, but completely forgotten it.
I don't know how though, because it makes an 'arresting' image to say the least!!