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wearing a poppy

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travelsafar Thu 12-Mar-20 11:48:16

Just heard this morning on the radio the idea that if you are vulnerable, moreso than others due to health issues, that you wear a poppy when out and about so others can give you a wide bearth. What do you think?

moggie57 Thu 12-Mar-20 11:58:54

what a load of c**p, poppies are for remembrance to the dead of all the wars that gb has been in .its like saying "i'm going to die because i have health issues"......whatever next......

winterwhite Thu 12-Mar-20 12:01:32

Where to get poppies at this time of year? Do people keep them from one November to the next?
The idea is a good one but it isn't clear to me how near the surface 'underlying' health problems have to be in order to amount to 'vulnerablity'. Surely pretty well everyone over 65 has an 'underlying health problem' of some sort - goes with the territory. Is there some index of severity? Otherwise all public places will be a field of poppies and avoiding them will be quite a feat of dexterity.

rafichagran Thu 12-Mar-20 12:06:56

I would not do it. You draw attention to yourself, and the wrong type of people could misenterpret. You could get abused, or worse attacked.

EllanVannin Thu 12-Mar-20 13:00:16

What next, a bell around your neck ?

vampirequeen Thu 12-Mar-20 13:02:07

My thoughts exactly EllanVannin

rubysong Thu 12-Mar-20 13:03:41

We should be giving everyone a wide berth at the moment.

Calendargirl Thu 12-Mar-20 13:07:38

Poppies are for November. If I saw someone wearing a poppy now, I would just assume they have never bothered to remove it.

lemongrove Thu 12-Mar-20 13:08:26

Ellan 😁 .....and shout ‘unclean, unclean’ at the same time as the bell ringing.

lemongrove Thu 12-Mar-20 13:09:13

Hmmmm, at least that would clear the queues at the tills.🤔

SueDonim Thu 12-Mar-20 13:11:45

What’s to stop anyone wearing a poppy, whether they’re vulnerable or not? I don’t think this is going to fly.

travelsafar Thu 12-Mar-20 13:31:39

Obviously going by the responses this wouldn't work. smile

MissAdventure Thu 12-Mar-20 13:36:58

People would be panic buying poppies!

Callistemon Thu 12-Mar-20 13:37:14

I was going to say the same to Ellan, lemongrove!

We do have a bell somewhere

Has anyone asked the RBL what they think of this idea?

timetogo2016 Thu 12-Mar-20 13:41:15

I`m with moggie57,lemongrove and EllanVannin.

allium Thu 12-Mar-20 15:30:42

Who on earth thought this up? Last thing you want to do is draw attention to yourself any nut could have a go. Fed up with the patronising aimed at our age group!

Mapleleaf Thu 12-Mar-20 17:41:12

Not a good idea at all.