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Orchids that look like Monkeys, Animals, Dancing Figures, Birds

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POGS Sat 14-Mar-20 16:23:06

Apologies for doubling up on posts I have so recently made on another thread but this has been received well and it is well worth a viewing for those who do not know or who may miss it.

Orchids. The center of orchids can be so amazingly beautiful and whilst there will be keen gardeners out there who know of their beauty this for those don't.

Take a look and you will see the centre of some orchids resemble Birds, Animals, Monkeys, Dancing figures it is pure delight.

EllanVannin Sat 14-Mar-20 17:08:31

Wonderful. My most memorable time was a trip to the Orchid Gardens when I spent a couple of days in Singapore en-route to Oz. It was the most magical place full of orchids of all shapes colours and sizes. I could have stayed there forever.

I remember there being those which looked liked birds and also ones with leopard spots.

POGS Sat 14-Mar-20 17:11:42

Sounds like heaven Ellan.

GabriellaG54 Sat 14-Mar-20 17:26:30

Some of those photos are a tad scary.
I wonder how those orchids evolved. 🤔

seacliff Sat 14-Mar-20 17:27:47

They seem almost contrived, but they are real. Amazing nature.

Nortsat Sat 14-Mar-20 17:33:25

Lovely 🥀

rosenoir Sat 14-Mar-20 17:42:11

Thank you, I have never looked at orchids properly before, I can see now why they are so popular.