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Is anyone else 'into' photography?

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HappyGrandmother Sun 15-Mar-20 10:19:51

I've just had a shower, now lyi g on my bed in my towelling dressing gown cooling off with a coffee.
I'm just about to watch some photo editing tutorials on my ipad. Anyone else 'into' photography.

Chestnut Sun 15-Mar-20 10:43:06

I've done a lot of photo editing for my family history. I scan old photos and then enhance them if they're faded or too yellow. They can be made to look like new! It's better to scan negatives if possible as they are better than faded old photos. I have scanned some negatives from the 1930s that look as though they were taken yesterday. I use an old version of Photoshop for removing flaws, spots, marks etc. It's a hobby I enjoy.